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Download TikTok in seconds!

“Wow, this tool is so freaking amazing that now I can download TikTok videos without any watermarks within a second!”

Gibson Holden 2023-02-21

I guess I found the most powerful watermark remover

“Can't describe how amazing this watermark remover is. It can remove anything from your photo in a blink! Even those tricky photo with a big portion of watermark, the brush is just like a magic wand, once click remove, disappear immediately!”

Isiah Cal 2023-02-21

Best partner for my small amazon business!

“Love the new template update of hitpaw background remover! Now I can add different elements and use various templates only by clicking the edit button! ”

Brie Romey 2023-02-21

Awesome Online Watermark Remover

“HitPaw online watermark remover is an easy-to-use online tool, cuz I don't need to learn how to use it before removing the watermark. I can select the watermark exactly and remove it from my image precisely.”

Dipak Venkata 2023-02-21

Fast remove 10 image at one time!

“I saw that its background removal tool was released batch processing feature. It's said that I could upload up to 50 images, so I chose 10 images. I thought it would take a little longer to finish processing the 10 photos, but it did so quickly.”

Leilani Moana 2023-02-21

animate images easily

“I used it to animate a still image, and it impressed me, honestly. It seems that the original image was animated. I like this tool.”

Rosalind 2023-02-10

Love the background removal tool

“Suddenly I found out that the Background removal tool can edit the background now. I can change the layer order of the image and edit text on the image. And what's more, it has lots of templates! I really like the new version of the background remover. Hope to see more new templates in the future.”

Zia Tahir 2023-01-14

Make perfect selfie!

“I love taking selfies, but there are many annoying pimples on my face. So I want to remove them. I found this retouching tool. And it turns out to be effective and beautifies my selfies greatly. Recommended!”

Makayla Skyla 2023-01-13

animate old photo

“I generated a trump image and wanted to animate it. I found that many people use this tool to animate photos, so I tried it. And the animated photo is very natural but interesting hhhh. I gonna use it to animate other images now.”

Des Kris 2023-01-13

Love this photo retoucher!

“Glad that hitpaw has launched the photo retoucher! And it is so amazing that a newbie like me can erase the flaws of my photo within a second!”

Chole Lu 2022-12-30

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