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transparent png maker

“I used it to make a transparent background and exported it in png format. It precisely removed the background, very useful.”

Rizwan 2022-12-28

Clear Interfece

“The new interface of its image background remover is very clear, I must give a 5-star review for this one. Besides, it also has some background templates to choose from, so I can directly change the image background.”

Mokhtar Haris 2022-12-28

Best image assistant for start-up ecommerce seller

“Listen, guys you gotta use the brand new hitpaw background remover! As a beginner seller on Amazon, this tool is definitely the greatest background remover I 've ever used! It's so intuitive and effective! Love it so much!!”

Wilson Will 2022-12-27

remove sticker on my face

“I used its online watermark remover to erase the sticker on the face from the photo. And it turned out to be excellent. So amazing! And then I used it to remove a scar from an image, it also worked! Recommend”

Asha Namrata 2022-12-20

The best watermark remover ever!

“I used hitpaw to remove the logo on my photo and it did a great job! Cannot ever find a sight that the logo has ever existed!”

Israel Oscar 2022-12-19

Using the watermark remover to retouch my selfie

“I've been using the image watermark remover for a while, and I just found that it could also be a retoucher! Now the pimples of my selfie are all gone! ”

Tamera Bailey 2022-12-16

Remove watermarks from video

“Really helpful for such a newbie like me. Removing is fast and easy. And the effect turns out great.”

Hervey Matty 2022-12-15

Remove date stamp on photo like magic!

“Love HitPaw Image Watermark Remover! I cannot upload my photo here, otherwise, I'll show you guys how amazing this tool is! The date stamp disappears like it never exist!”

Deena Kyra 2022-12-13

Animate Midjourney Photos

“Recently, I generate many AI artworks in Midjourney AI, and I want to animate these photos. So I searched on the Internet and found this tool. It can animate all my photos. Very interesting!”

Gertrud Sofie 2022-12-12

I Used It to Remove Getty Watermarks

“I saw this watermark removal tool on a platform earlier. I just downloaded an image with a Getty watermark, which reminded me of this tool. Then I used it to remove the Getty watermark, and it really worked! Highly recommended!”

Shila Asha 2022-12-12

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