AI Video Translator
AI Video Translator

With the support of ChatGPT translation, HitPaw helps to translate videos into multiple languages like Heygen, making videos reach to a global audience quickly and cost-effectively - no queuing!

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Speak Local, Go Global

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Break Language Barriers with AI

HitPaw Online AI Video Translator offers advanced AI video translation services with multiple language choices to make your video content accessible to global audiences.

Text to Speech & Speech to Text

As a speech to text online tool and a text to speech translator, it can transcribe audio to multiple languages accurately. We provides several AI voices which can speech your texts naturally, fluently and realistically in HitPaw Online.

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More AI Features Are On The Way

ai voice clone

Voice Clone

Best AI voice cloner to replicate and mimic a person's voice. It applys ai voice clone technology to allow users to generate speech that sounds like a specific individual.

lip sync battle

Lip Sync

Worried that different languages will cause a poor lip sync? With lip syncing feature, it ensures that the character's lip movements match the spoken words accurately, creating a realistic and visually appealing result.

subtitle generator

Auto Subtitle Generator

Auto generate subtitles for YouTube videos or other video content effectively. Furthermore, it allows you to edit the generated subtitles to improve the accuracy of video translations.

ai video creator

AI Video Generator

Save time and costs by automating video generation and enhancing video quality with AI, while also enabling creativity and customization for personalized video content.

free voice changer

Voice Changer

A real-time AI voice changer online to change voice into female, male for YouTube videos, films and more video contents.

Make Your Content Access To All

Social Media
Training Videos
Multilingual Films
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Translate YouTube Videos for Different Countries

Effortlessly translate a YouTube video by pasting the link of the YouTube video. It provides high-quality, multilingual capabilities to automatically translate YouTube videos into multiple languages, expanding the global reach of content creators on YouTube or other social platforms and ultimately increasing the reach and impact of their videos.

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Localize Video for Training with Ease

Seamless translation of training content into multiple languages makes it globally accessible and reduces language barriers. This facilitates efficient knowledge transfer and ensures consistent, accurate information is disseminated across different language contexts, ultimately increasing the effectiveness and reach of training programs.

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Streamline Localization by AI Film Translation

By automatically translating films into multiple languages, they can be enjoyed by international audiences. This allows movies to reach a wider global audience, facilitating cultural exchange and expanding potential markets for filmmakers. In addition, AI film translation can streamline the localization process, making the distribution of films in different regions more efficient and cost-effective.

How Does It Work?

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    Upload Video or Paste YouTube Link

    Choose to upload a video for video localization, or just paste a YouTube link directly.

  • 02

    Select Target Language

    Choose the targe language, speaker and background music you want before translation.

  • 03

    Preview & Download

    Preview the translated video and then download it safely.

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Upload Video or Paste YouTube Link

Choose to upload a video for video localization, or just paste a YouTube link directly.

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Select Target Language

Choose the targe language, speaker and background music you want before translation.

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Preview & Download

Preview the translated video and then download it safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. You can effectively AI translate videos online in HitPaw. So how to use HitPaw Online AI Video Translator? Follow the steps:

  • Step 1. Upload a video or paste a YouTube link if you want to translate a YouTube video.
  • Step 2. Choose the target language, speaker and background music, then click on Translate button.
  • Step 3. The video will be translated within minutes. Preview the translated video and then download it.

You can easily translate a YouTube video just by pasting a YouTube link in HitPaw Online AI Video Translator. It will automatically analyze the link to get the information of the video. In addition to translating YouTube videos, you can also download translated YouTube subtitles and audio!

You can try HitPaw Online AI Video Translator for free online, because you have 1 free trials, valid for up to one minute, supporting uploding the file with a 1GB and 2 hours video limit.

Currently, 35+ languages are easily supported, namely English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Filipino and more. If you need other languages, you can contact [email protected] via email and we will carefully consider supporting the language you need as soon as possible.

There are several reasons that cause failure to analyze your YouTube link:

  • The YouTube videos are private, deleted, or limited to one country.
  • Your YouTube links are incorrect.
  • Your network is not work.
  • Your link is to a YouTube profile page, not to a YouTube video.
  • Our servers get overloaded once in a while. If this occurs, please notify us by sending a message to [email protected] via email.

Yes. View the translate result after translation. In the pop-up window, there is a drop-down option for the Download Video button. You can choose to download subtitle or audio as you desire. If you want to download YouTube subtitles before translating, you can try HitPaw Video Converter on your desktop, which can analyze the link of a YouTube channel easily and download YouTube videos in bulk.

In order to avoid malicious refund requests, we appreciate your understanding that, any subscription plan that has used more than 10 minutes of video translation is not eligible for a refund, except for Testdrive Plan.

If you would like to request a refund, please contact us at [email protected] within 30 days and ensure that you have used less than 10 minutes of translation.

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AI Translate Videos for Free in Minutes!

As a Heygen video translator alternative, HitPaw Online utilizes advanced AI to automatically translate videos into multiple languages without any effort. With its lightning-fast processing capabilities, you can receive accurate translations in a matter of minutes, making it an efficient solution for reaching global audiences.

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