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Remove date stamp on photo like magic!

“Love HitPaw Image Watermark Remover! I cannot upload my photo here, otherwise, I'll show you guys how amazing this tool is! The date stamp disappears like it never exist!”

Deena Kyra 2022-12-13

Animate Midjourney Photos

“Recently, I generate many AI artworks in Midjourney AI, and I want to animate these photos. So I searched on the Internet and found this tool. It can animate all my photos. Very interesting!”

Gertrud Sofie 2022-12-12

I Used It to Remove Getty Watermarks

“I saw this watermark removal tool on a platform earlier. I just downloaded an image with a Getty watermark, which reminded me of this tool. Then I used it to remove the Getty watermark, and it really worked! Highly recommended!”

Shila Asha 2022-12-12

Best TikTok tool!

“I am trying to be an influencer on TikTok, and sometimes I might need to remove the watermark from other people's TikTok so that I can create my own reflection video. HitPaw is definitely the best tool I've ever come across! It allows me to remove the watermarks with just simple clicks!”

Ratan Gurpreet 2022-12-12

Remove watermark from photo in a blink!

“Actually it can not only remove every kind of watermark, but also anything you wanna remove! I tried to remove a blur from my photo, and it works perfectly!”

Carleton Vern 2022-12-09

Treasure tool for making passport photo!

“I never thought that it would be such a great background remover that can make a perfect passport photo! Take a selfie, no matter how your background looks, just upload it to the tool, and then remove the background, then choose the background color you need. All done!”

Zoey Bridget 2022-12-08

Remove unwanted people out of your photo

“So amazing that the photo watermark remover tool does not only remove watermarks but anything you would like them to disappear from your photo! For example, an annoying friend, it is so great that I can keep my photo without that annoying guy. THANKS HITPAW!”

London Charisse 2022-12-07

Animate Midjourney AI Art

“I tried HitPaw animation of an old AI artwork generated by Midjourney. It made the artwork interesting. What incredible AI technology in HitPaw!”

Iakopa Kauʻi 2022-12-06


“Quite easy to use even for such a newbie like me! But it would be better if it can record a certain part of the screen.”

Piper Monroe 2022-12-06

No damage to tiktok videos

“Sometimes I see some very interesting tiktok videos and want to share them with my friends. But I know the downloaded video has a widely known watermark. I would love to remove this annoying watermark! Then I found this online tool, I just copy the link of the video and it helps me to remove the watermark quickly and without damaging the video quality!”

Marietta Elsa 2022-12-06

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