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How to Make Background Transparent Free Online

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-05-30

Need to remove a distracting background from an otherwise beautiful photograph? There are several simple methods for removing the backdrop from an image and making it transparent, which can be useful in a variety of scenarios. There are several reasons why you might want to create an image with an invisible background. When creating a logo, you want it to appear excellent on any website and in any colour print. What is the best method to There are several reasons why you might want to create an image make background transparent.

Most picture editors include a backdrop removal feature, and there are even some online applications dedicated to the task.

Part 1: Top 5 Transparent Makers to Make Transparent Background

Transparent background creators ensure that the final image looks realistic. Certain software on the digital market produces fantasy images, destroying the original beauty of the photograph. You must be astute in your choice of app to enable this function on your remarkable photographs.

Which are the finest online transparent background makers? How to make a picture transparent. This post will be a terrific resource for determining the best Online tool for removing an image background.

1. HitPaw Online Background Remover

If you need professional results, HitPaw Online background remover offers manual and AI background removal services where you may upload your photo/s and allow our expert editors manually edit your photographs. This application also provides options for creating unique backgrounds and altering size and colours to get professional results. This service provides clients with a quick response time, as fast as 24 hours.

For free and higher-resolution photos, you can utilise the HitPaw Online background removal tool.

png transparent background


  • HitPaw Online Background Remover ensures that it is completely free to use.
  • There is no watermark and no advertising.
  • HitPaw Online Background Remover works flawlessly on any platform, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.
  • A completely secure connection ensures that your uploaded file can only be seen and altered by you.
  • HitPaw Online Background Remover does not necessitate the use of a skilled technician. All of the functions are as simple as 1-2-3.

2. Remove.bg

Remove.bg allows you to accomplish everything from making a backdrop transparent (PNG) to adding a white background to a photo. Remove.bg generates translucent backgrounds for photographs, making them easier to modify for various purposes. Only 612 408 resolutions are available for download in the free version.

It also provides a free trial period for its service. Although it employs AI technology, its subscription prices are exorbitant. The 40-image bundle, for example, costs $9.00, while the 75,000 image package costs $5,450.

how to make a picture transparent


  • It eliminates the image background with a single click.
  • Automated background removal using drag and drop.
  • Multiple photos and folders can be uploaded.
  • Make a background that is transparent or coloured.
  • Choose your preferred output size.

3. Lunapic

The Lunapic is a fantastic free online photo editor. In this environment, you can easily import a picture, apply effects, filters, and so on, and exactly modify it. The Edit option takes you to a page where you must upload an image with a transparent background. Something that Lunapic has that other do not is a plethora of art effect capabilities for transforming your photo into artwork. Indeed, Lunapic allows you to do everything from remove backgrounds to create creative effects.

Fewer clicks are required to make the desired adjustments to your image. This platform allows you to edit infinite photos effortlessly. It works on desktop, Android, iOS, and web browsers. The iOS app costs $1.99.

how to make an image transparent


  • Personalize the images to the best of your ability.
  • The modifying controls are clearly placed for simple access.
  • Using the URL, you can upload the required images to remove background.

4. Slazzer

Slazzer is an AI-powered picture editing app that allows you to easily remove the background from images. Previously, you had to manually modify the photo, but with Slazzer, the entire process takes only a few seconds.

When editing photos, you must ensure that you are cropping the appropriate areas and including additional photographs in such a way that the shot remains realistic and appealing. With its AI-based features, the Slazzer programme, on the other hand, is meant to help you save time, money, and effort. The programme is ideal for small enterprises and freelancers that frequently work with photographs.

how to make an image transparent


  • With a single click, you can edit 1000 images.
  • With the Slazzer application, you can remove the backdrop from any image in a matter of seconds.
  • All innovative techniques, such as editing catchy-edged product pictures, strands, or portrait shots, are expertly managed.
  • Batch Editing Capabilities.

5. Photoscissors

The automatic background removal tool in PhotoScissors can remove image backgrounds instantly. You can also change the background to a translucent, solid colour, or another image. This free online background removal tool is intended for use with e-commerce, product photographs, and media images. Poor photos are available for free download.

However, if you want a high-quality resolution of the image, you must pay with credits. Purchase as you go options range from 10 Credits for $4.99 (at 50/image) to 1000 Credits for $29.99 (at 3/image).

how to make the background of an image transparent


  • Remove complex backgrounds from images in an instant.
  • Separate the foreground from the backdrop with ease.
  • Change the background and make a collage.
  • Isolated photos with coloured or translucent backgrounds can be created.
  • There are no technical or design abilities required.

Part 2: Step-by-step Guide to Make Photo Transparent with HitPaw

If you don't want to deal with the inconvenience of downloading and installing software, you can use online solutions to remove the image background. This free online application allows you to remove the image background automatically or manually. This is a useful tool for removing image backgrounds quickly and easily. Working directly from your browser without the need to download any applications. With a single click, HitPaw Online Background Remover can easily erase the background from an image. It is automatic and does not require any changes to the settings after the image has been uploaded. Follow the step to learn how to make a transparent background in HitPaw Online Background Remover.

Step 01Navigate to the HitPaw Official Website and pick HitPaw Online Background Remover from the Online Tools menu.

how to make an image background transparent

Step 02After that, click "choose file" and select the image from which you wish to remove the background.

make image background transparent

Step 03Now Click on “Remove Background”.

make picture transparent

Step 04Your transparent photo will be ready, and you can make whatever adjustments you desire.

transparent picture


This article will explain how to make a transparent background. We must choose the finest way to remove the background. We came to the conclusion that HitPaw Online Background Remover is the most professional and free online option for us to make a background transparent manually and using AI technology.

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