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Quick to Learn! How to Remove Background in Paint?

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-05-27

You can use the Paint.net remove background or Paint 3D remove background options to get rid of the background or change it with something better. So, keep reading till the end to go through all the easy options to remove background Paint from an image.

Part 1. How to Use Paint.net Remove Background

Paint.net is free software that allows you to efficiently remove background from any image you have. It is not only free but also very easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or have intermediate photo editing skills, this software will make removing backgrounds a lot easier. 

So, if you want to learn how to remove background from image Paint.net, follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the image from which you have to remove background in Paint.
  2. Go the Tool menu and select the magic wand to remove background from image Paint. with the magic wand and eraser. 
  3. Select the area of the background that you want to remove using the magic wand.

  4. how to remove background paint
  5. Press "Delete" from your keyboard

  6. steps of how to removing background paint
  7. This will reveal a draft board-like pattern which signifies that the image has a transparent background
  8. Repeat the select and delete process
  9. Select the "Eraser" tool to get rid of any leftover pixels that need to be removed

  10. follow the steps of how to remove background paint

    Once you are done removing the background, make sure to save the picture in a PNG format to retain the transparency of the background. If you save the image in JPG format, it will automatically have a white background again.

    Whether you want to remove a busy scenery from the back or want to know how to delete white background in Paint, you can follow these easy steps to get the desired result.

    Now that you know how to remove background from image in Paint.net, let's learn how to use Paint 3D for the same purpose.

Part 2. How to Use Paint 3D Remove Background

Paint 3D is an advanced software for graphic designers, but it is fairly easy to use. It comes free with Microsoft Windows 10. Therefore, any user with Windows 10 has access to this user-friendly software.

It allows a variety of editing options to refine the image you want to work with. If you want to remove background from image Paint 3D is the best option to go for. Follow these simple steps to remove white background from image Paint 3D.

  1. Launch Paint 3D and open a plain canvas to work on
  2. Import the picture from which you want to remove background from image in Paint 3D

  3. steps of removing background from image paint 3d
  4. Select the magic tool from the tool menu box from the top bar

  5. how to remove background from image paint 3d
  6. To easily remove background Paint offers this tool that automatically outlines the object in the foreground, so you are only removing the background. Drag the corners of the image until all the background is selected

  7. steps of how to remove background from image paint 3d
  8. Once the image is done, click "Delete" from your keyboard to remove the background
  9. You can also click the done button to finish the process. And there you have it, a background-free picture

  10. effect of removing background from image paint 3d

Learning how to remove background in Paint 3D is easy even for novice editors. It allows you to have an image with a transparent background that you can mask on other backgrounds or use for making logos.

Part 3. Easy Solution: Use an Online AI-Powered Background Remover

One of the best AI-powered back removers is the HitPaw Background Remover. Within seconds you can remove any irritating or interrupting background from your favorite picture. You can opt for their affordable subscription plan to remove background Paint from as many pictures as you want.

hitpaw is a better alternative of  removing background paint


  • It is based on a strong algorithm that can easily detect the background of an image without the help of manual tools
  • This software has made removing background a one-step process for people with zero experience in image editing
  • It has a free option for low-resolution images and an affordable subscription offer to edit as many high-resolution images as you need

Step 01 The online software offers an easy drag and drop feature to upload the image in no time. Select the image you want to edit and crop it in the edit box of the online software

Step 02 Next, all you have to do in this software is to click on the "Remove Background" option, make minor adjustments, and you are done

Step 03 Lastly, download the image in PNG format to have a background-free image

HitPaw background remover helps in automating the background removal process. Here is how to remove the background using HitPaw in three easy steps.

use hitpaw to remove background paint instead


HitPaw also features an Edit Image option that you can use to adjust the colors, size, and outline of your image. You can use this feature to further refine the image


You can use this guide for Paint.net how to remove background to learn an easy way to use Paint.net remove background feature. If you want to make your work even more efficient, and professional-looking then the HitPaw Background Remover Online is the ideal software for you. With the advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can easily create background-free images regardless of your skill level.

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