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Home > Learn > Inkscape Remove Background: How to Remove Background in Inkscape 2023

Inkscape Remove Background: How to Remove Background in Inkscape 2023

HitPaw Online blog
Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-01-30

Photo editing software such as Inkscape allows the removal of background from an image to make it appear more enhanced and attractive. This background removal tool is widely used by professional photographers to make the image look more defined while eliminating imperfections. The whole idea behind the background removal is to bring the focus of the viewers toward the main subject in the image. When the image background is removed, the image naturally seems more charming and eye-catching.

So, if you are on the lookout for a tool to remove image background, Inkscape is what is required. Through this post, we will let you know all about this tool and how to delete background in Inkscape.

Part 1. Inkscape Remove Background

Inkscape remove background from an image by using the image tracing and the outlining approach. It has a Trace Bitmap feature which traces the image with image tracing. Also, the Bezier tool is utilized by the same to outline the main subject of the image with the outlining method.

Part 2. How to Remove Background from Image in Inkscape

With Inkscape remove background from image that appears in white such as the logo image by following these steps.

1. Steps to Remove Background in Inkscape

Step 1: Launch the Inkscape app on your PC, Mac, or Linux system.

open inscape

Step 2. Before you open the logo image, it is suggested to incorporate a rectangle into the drawing area of the app. This addition will be helpful to illustrate that the image has a white background. You can tap on the “Rectangles and Squares” option from the tool panel.

rect and squares in inkscape

Step 3: Now, just add a rectangle to the drawing area.

add rectangle to the drawing area

Step 4: Then, import the image for removing the background to white by opening the file menu and clicking the option to Import.

click import button

Step 5: After this, it's time to import the sample logo file to Inkscape i.e., “logo.png”.

import image to inkscape

Step 6: Then, you will see a dialog appearing on the screen specifying the settings. Now, tap on Ok.

click ok to confirm

Step 7: The logo file has been imported to the app, and you shall be able to see that the rectangular shape in the backdrop has eliminated the confusion of mixing the white background of the logo image with the Inkscape app area.

import image successfully

Step 8: Now, from the left tool panel, tap on the “Select and transform” option.

Select and transform

Step 9: Then, launch the Path menu followed by selecting the Trace Bitmap using the drop-down menu.

select trace bitmap

The Trace Bitmap tool works on the algorithm that creates vector tracing of the chosen image. In the dialog box of the Trace Bitmap, you can use the Single Scan tab. From there, click on the Brightness cutoff option and then select the Update button to get the preview of the traced image on the right.

click update button

Step 10: After this, from the “Multiple Scans”, check on Smooth and uncheck Remove Background.

click multiple scans

Step 11: Thereafter, tap on the Update button to view the traced logo image. Then, hit on the Apply option to save the settings.

click apply button

Since the “Remove Background” option was activated in the Multi scans window, the white background will be removed from the traced image.

Step 12: Now, you need to click left on the added logo image. Then, from the opened menu, hit on the option to Delete. After this, you can set the image parameters as per your choice.

delete background in inkscape

So, this is how Inkscape remove background!

2. The Pros and Cons of Removing Background from Image in Inkscape

Now that you know how to remove a background in Inkscape, it's time to have a look at some of Inkscape's pros and cons.


  • Free, open-source editor
  • Allows to make changes for personal use
  • Available for Mac, Windows and Linux


  • A high volume of data causes struggle of efficiency
  • A bit challenging to learn
  • It can freeze due to the overuse of commands

Part 3. The Easiest Inkscape Alternatives to Remove Background from Image

To remove background Inkscape makes a great choice. But, if you are a tech novice, it could be a challenge to use Inkscape. We recommend you use an easier Inkscape alternative, it is HitPaw Online Background Remover. This tool might not be as powerful as Inkscape but it is easy to use and gets your job done in just a few steps.

Some of the exceptional features of Hitpaw Online Background Remover are:

  • Complete free to remove background from image
  • Smart operation, all you need is to upload your image.
  • It has no ads and no watermarks
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android
  • Easy to use, works in a couple of three simple steps
  • Safe and secure
  • Continuously updated with new features

How to remove image background with HitPaw Background Remover Online Tool

  • 1

    From any web browser, visit the official site to enter HitPaw online background remover.

  • 2

    Click Choose File to upload your file.

  • hitpaw online image background remover
  • 3

    Click Remove Background button to start removing the background automatically.

  • click remove background button
  • 4

    After the background removal, click the Download button to download the transparent image.

  • remove background from image with hitpaw online background remover

The Bottom Line

Given above in the articles is how to remove background from a picture in Inkscape. But, the process of using Inkscape requires lots of patience and expertise. We hope with these steps, you now know how to clean up an image in Inkscape to make it look enhanced. In case you are not comfortable to remove background from image Inkscape then, we recommend opting for the HitPaw Online Background Remover Free to get the job done in a few straightforward steps.

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