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Home > Learn > How to Remove Background from Picture in PowerPoint in 2023

How to Remove Background from Picture in PowerPoint in 2023

HitPaw Online blog
Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-01-30

There are times when we need to use an image but can’t upload it because of its loud and bright background color. Same things happens when it comes to a presentation. People generally use images with transparent background so that no images or text in the background must be covered in presentation. Removing the background of an image while using it in any presentation, enables for appropriate picture editing, resulting in photographs that appear real and trustworthy.

If your image contains background, you must remove background from image before using it in any presentation. It will enhance your presentation and makes your slide alive. You can also remove the background of an image in PowerPoint in an easy and effective way.

If you don’t know how to remove background in PowerPoint, we will explain here different ways to remove the background of an image in PowerPoint and making images with white background transparent. Stay with us till the end to know more.

Part 1. The Official Ways to Remove Background from Image PowerPoint

Only a few people must be aware of this wonderful PowerPoint remove background feature. To remove background from image in just a few click even from the software where you are creating your presentation is an amazing thing that will make various task easy for the users.

PowerPoint can remove the background the of an image in two ways, either by using the remove background tool or making the background transparent. Here, we will discuss both the ways to change the background of an image.

1. PowerPoint Remove Background Tool

Many a times we have a picture with a background, but when it comes to use it anywhere, we need a simple image with no background. But, for many people it is difficult to remove the multiple small elements from the background, i.e., shadows, trees, birds, stones, etc. With PowerPoint remove background you can remove these background elements in just a click.

It is easy to remove background in PowerPoint. You can simply remove the background of an image in just a few clicks.

These steps will guide you to how to remove background from picture in PowerPoint.

  • 1

    Click the picture you want to remove background from.

  • 2

    From the top menu bar, tap on ‘Picture Format’.

  • Click on Picture Format in PowePoint
  • 3

    Remove the background by selecting ‘Remove Background’. PowerPoint will now highlight/select the sections of the image that it recognizes as the backdrop.

  • Click on Remove Background feature in PowerPoint
  • 4

    Your default background area of the picture will be covered with purple color. The background to be deleted is shown by the purple region. From here you can select the parts that you want to remove.

  • 5

    Select the ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ from the top left corner of the menu bar. One should now choose which parts you want to ‘retain’ and which should be eliminated with the backdrop.

  • Click on Mark Areas to Keep
  • 6

    Click and hold your mouse button to select the region that you want to keep in your picture and draw lines on them.

  • 7

    When you are done with changes, click on ‘Keep Changes’.

  • click on Keep Changes to save the background removed picture

2. Remove White Background from image in PowerPoint with Set Transparent Color tool

You sometimes need to upload an image to a presentation, like graphs, etc. that has a white background, but you need to upload it in a way that the background of the image appears clear. In such scenario, you can use ‘Set Transparent Color’ tool of PowerPoint. With Set Transparent Color option, you can remove background from image PowerPoint in just a click.

Here are some steps following which you can get to know how to remove white background from image in PowerPoint.

  • 1

    Click to select the picture that you have uploaded on slide of PowerPoint.

  • 2

    On the menu bar, scroll to the ‘Picture Format’ option.

  • 3

    Select a color from the ‘Color’ dropdown menu.

  • Choose Color Option in PPT
  • 4

    Choose ‘Set Transparent Color’ is an option at the bottom of the page that you should pick.

  • Tap on Set Transparent Background in PowerPoint
  • 5

    Then, select the background of the image you had like to delete and tap on your image.

3. Pros and Cons of Using PowerPoint’s Ways to Remove The Background of a Picture

PowerPoint is a great software to use for multiple purposes, and it is easy to remove the background of an image via PowerPoint while making a presentation. PowerPoint has many essential features and benefit but there are some flaws that you might face while using PowerPoint. Let’s have a view at the Pros and Cons of remove background from image in PowerPoint.


  • Simple and free tool to use.
  • Instantly removes the background of an image.
  • No need to download.
  • No need to upload any image.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Works for one image at a time.
  • Background removal process is time taking.

Part 2. Alternative Ways to Remove Background from Image in PowerPoint

HitPaw Online Background Remover is a wonderful software that allows you to rapidly remove the background from image in just a click. You may either select the file from its storage location or drag it to the upload box, where it will begin the background removal process when you click ‘Remove background’.

Moreover, HitPaw Online Background remover is free without limitations. You can remove the background from an PowerPoint without registering in with your ID. It is completely safe to use and does not cause any data loss. After eliminating the picture’s background, the image’s quality remains constant. There is no reduction in visual quality of the image.


  • Easy to use.
  • 100% automatic and free.
  • Contains no watermarks and ads.
  • Removes background in few simple steps.
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Android device.

Follow the Below Mentioned Steps to Remove Background from iMage

Step 01 Enter HitPaw Free Online Background Remover on any browser. Click “Choose a File” to upload the picture/image you’d like to remove background from.

Upload an Image to remove background

Step 02 To begin, click on “Remove Background” to start removing image background intelligently.

start removing background from an image

Step 03 Whenever you download audiobook Whenever you download audiobook

download image after removing background

After the background is removed, you can then add this image to your PowerPoint.

Part 3. How to Remove Background from Picture in Powerpoint on Mac

Here, we have PowerPoint solution for Windows users only, but what if you are an macOS user. Follows these steps to know how to remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint on Mac.

  • 1

    Open PowerPoint and select an image to upload.

  • 2

    Click on image and then go to ‘Picture Format’ option appearing on the ribbon.

  • 3

    Click on ‘Remove Background’ mentioned on the left corner of the ribbon.

  • Click on Remove Background
  • 4

    The background area of the image will be covered with purple color. Click to ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ to save the foreground area from removing with background.

  • Select the area to keep on PowerPoint on Mac
  • 5

    Click the cursor and draw straight lines on the foreground part of the image that is colored with purple color.

  • 6

    Once selected the required area that you want to keep, click on ‘Keep Changes’.

  • remove background powerpoint on Mac

HitPaw Online Background Remover can also remove the background of an image in macOS in a similar way as it works for Windows. It is easier as it is one-click away. All you need is just to upload the image.

The Bottom Line

Here, we have illustrated how to remove picture background in PowerPoint easily and how to make it transparent. You can also remove the background of an image in Mac using PowerPoint. If you don’t want to use remove picture background PowerPoint, then we will recommend you to use HitPaw Online Background Remover. It can remove the background of an image in a click on Windows, Mac and Mobile phones.

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