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Who is GigaChad? Is Gigachad Real?

It's natural to feel like changing something in your appearance, i.e., a better jawline, hairline, etc. Also, you may have seen multiple images of humans in the highest form. It has a sharp jawline, sculpted cheekbones, a perfectly cut beard, etc. All this makes up a GigaChad face.

Regarding this, the GigaChad meme gained much popularity in 2022. But if your question is whether GigaChad is real, the answer is yes, and his name is Ernest Khalimov. The masculine man from the GigaChad meme is a digitally modified version of a Russian fitness & bodybuilding model created by an artist, Krista Sudmalis.

Part 1: Who is GigaChad?

Before digging into the details of the GigaChad meme, let's learn who GigaChad is. It's about a confident, charming, and muscular male. It is a combination of two parts, Giga and Chad. Giga means giant or massive, while Chad means hyper-masculine and egoistic white male.

Who is GigaChad

The GigaChad face is just perfect, with a sculpted jawline. His tall stature, massive shoulder, and symmetrical body make him look excellent. This man is considered an icon that every male wants to become but can't because this body structure is almost impossible to achieve. Simply, it is an ideal physical case of a male.

Part 2: Why is GigaChad Trending on Social Media?

All these distinctive body attributes of the GigaChad face are the reason why people it's trending on social media. It's getting viral not only on TikTok but also Instagram, Twitter, etc. There is a strong probability that anyone who browses on social media would have seen a GigaChad meme. Besides the man, GigaChad theme song (Can You Feel My Heart) has also been viral on social platforms.

GigaChad Song

The first GigaChad meme got famous after a photo posted on Reddit in 2017. Many people thought of it as a photoshopped or computer-generated image. However, some people may look like this photo in reality, but not with a chiseled jawline. Later, this meme surged in popularity on TikTok in 2022. Even mimicking the GigaChad face became a trend.

GigaChad Face Meme

TikTok users who posted videos with their mimicked GigaChad faces got millions of views. To better understand this concept, you can look at a GigaChad meme. Reads all 231 pages of terms and conditions but clicks disagree button.

GigaChad Meme

Part 3: How to Get GigaChad Filter on Instagram?

Considering GigaChad face's popularity, do you also want to be a part of this trend? Instagram filters are a quick way to enhance your looks because you can find almost any filter here. Even if you want to create a fantastic GigaChad look, you are at the right place.

Let's comply with the following steps to use the GigaChad filter on Instagram:

  • Step 1.Firstly, open the Instagram app on your smartphone, tap the "+" sign, and click the "Story" button. Here, you have to swipe left the various filters until you reach the search filter tab. Press it and tap the small search icon.

    giga chad face
  • Step 2.Enter "GIGACHAD" on the search bar, and click the option "from mxm.j3." Lastly, tap the Try it an option. However, if you want to add audio, click the "Filter name" below the recording tab.

    gigachad headphones
  • Step 3.Next, press the "View Effects Page" tab, choose any video, and hit the song's image at the right-bottom side. Click "Use Audio" and "Suggested Effect." Later, record the video and either save it or put it on the story. That's all!

    gigachad images

Extra Tips: GO VIRAL with Animated GigaChad Face

Do you want to go viral with an animated GigaChad face? HitPaw Online Face Animator is the ultimate solution. It does a fantastic job of creating excellent facial expressions with music for fun. Whenever you need to express feelings in photos or simply make a moving face, using four different templates is possible.

In addition, its advanced AI-based processing will be lossless, bringing out life to your pictures. You have to upload your picture, pick the GIF template, and enter the details. With this accessible tool, you can receive your output photo through email. Lastly, the resulting animated GIFs can be shared as memes on different social media sites.

  • Provide you with a user-friendly interface
  • Support almost all popular image formats
  • Create the animated GigaChad face in 3 steps
  • Work over the latest artificial algorithms technology
  • Respect your privacy and offer safe and secure processing

Here are the steps on how to go viral by using an animated GigaChad face with HitPaw Online Face Animator:

  • Step 1.The first step involves opening HitPaw Online Face Animator on your browser and heading to the "Upload a Photo" button to browse and import the required picture. You also need to select the desired area.

    giga chad meme
  • Step 2.After uploading, move to the "Choose a GIF" section to select the desired animated face. Hover your mouse over a GIF and tap "Use this Template." Now, you have to enter your email address, along with your first and last name.

    chad face
  • Step 3.Later, hit the "Synthesize Video" button, and a popup window will appear. Enter the verification code you received on your email address and press the "Confirm" button. Wait for the email with the processed video, and that's all!

    chad meme

Final Thoughts

To conclude, GigaChad is neither original nor entirely fake or CGI. Actually, it is a product of both; a photo of the perfectly fit bodybuilder after excellent editing. If you want to create your GigaChad look, it is possible using its filter on Instagram.

However, you can use HitPaw Online Face Animator for an ideal animated GigaChad face. It is an ideal opportunity to go viral on social media. You can pick up the desired template and get the services for free. Try it once, and you will use it forever!

Animate Now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gigachad

Q1. Where did gigachad come from?

A1. The term "Gigachad" is an internet meme and slang used primarily in online communities, especially those related to the "manosphere," which includes various subcultures and forums discussing topics like dating, relationships, and masculinity. It is often used humorously and ironically. The term is part of a hierarchy of imaginary "Chads," which includes "Chad," "Chadlite," and "Gigachad," among others. These terms are often used to describe hypothetical, idealized versions of men, with "Gigachad" representing the highest level of physical attractiveness and desirability.

Q2. Is gigachad a real person?

A2. No, "Gigachad" is not a real person. Gigachad meaning that a part of internet slang and memes. It is used to describe an idealized and exaggerated concept of an extremely physically attractive and desirable man. The term is not meant to refer to an actual person but to playfully exaggerate qualities of attractiveness and desirability.

Q2. What does Gigachad say about our society?

A2. The concept of "Gigachad" and related terms in online communities is a form of humor, satire, and social commentary. They reflect how specific online subcultures address issues like attractiveness, dating, and societal expectations. These terms are not a direct reflection of broader societal values but should be understood within their online context.

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