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Best 5 Face Swap Tools to Make You Laugh (Free & Paid)

The face swap feature is getting in trend on different platforms. Almost all social media users are excited to see their faces swapped with friends and celebrities. Let’s know a little more about it.

Face Swap: New Trend on Social Media

With AI advancements, exciting and eye-grabbing features are getting famous on social media platforms. Face swapping is a new trend that lets you swap your faces in pictures or videos to enhance engagement. This feature surely results in hilarious photos, but only if done right.

Hence, you will need the best face swap tool for your device. So, below are the 5 best swap tools to make you laugh in 2024.

Best 5 Face Swap Tools in 2024

Since exploring all the swap tools in the market to find the most efficient one is time-consuming, below are the top 5 leading ones to facilitate you!

1. Movio Face Swap

Price: Free, $60/month (Essential), $225/month (Pro)

Platform: Online, iOS, Android

Movio is a comprehensive tool that assists you in face swapping with simple clicks. You can upload the custom image or use an avatar to change faces in your video. What you have to do is to choose a template and add script & audio for 10 times faster video creation.

Furthermore, you can add text or other elements if required. The speed and pitch of the audio could also be adjusted. Plus, the text-to-speech function and multi-language support are some other unique features. Even hosting a 1080p video on popular platforms is possible.

Movio Face Swap Online

  • Pros:
  • Clean, intuitive, and attractive interface

    Offer multiple 3D AI avatar templates

    Support PPT and PDF format to import

  • Cons:
  • Require you to sign up before working

    Only one-minute duration in the free version

2. Reface

Price: Free plus In-app purchases

Platform: Android and iOS

Reface is a fantastic tool for creating deepfake videos and transforming faces. Using advanced AI technologies, it does not only detect faces in the photos but also swaps them with the ones from the system or templates. Also, there is a wide range of memes, GIFs, iconic movie shorts, and video clippings to create hilarious videos, GIFs, or images.

In addition, you can quickly share the output with your friends by swapping your faces with celebrities. Even you can generate vintage pictures using your face and the available filters.

Reface Face Swapping

  • Pros:
  • Support an easy and simple processing

    Provide you with an extensive media library

    Perform face swap with a stable diffusion feature

  • Cons:
  • Lack of advanced editing features

    Output has a watermark for free users

3. Snapchat

Price: Free

Platform: iOS and Android

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that started using a deepfake generator long ago. It helps you swap faces in a moment to make you laugh. You can easily explore lenses from the camera tab and save the swapping ones in your favorites. Also, transforming your face with an avatar, animal, or another human from the media library is not a hassle.

So this tool lets you create both AI face swap photos and videos whenever required. Lastly, you can save the output to the gallery or add it to your stories.

Snapchat Face Swap App

  • Pros:
  • Come up with a user-friendly interface

    Offer various eye-catchy face filters

    Let you share snaps on other social apps

  • Cons:
  • No creative options available for face swapping

    Unable to provide the best results

4. Face Swap Booth

Price: Free and In-app purchases ($2.99)

Platform: iOS and Android

If you are looking for a face swapping app with an extensive range of features, Face Swap Booth is the best solution. You can switch around as desired since it offers storage of faces. It allows you to detect the faces from the photos you upload manually. However, you can also go for its auto-detect feature to swap.

You can swap your face with other people or with the faces of celebrities, available in its gallery. Besides, you will get editing features to fix any mistakes the algorithms have made.

Face Swap Booth App

  • Pros:
  • Offer multiple funny face masks

    Swap only the face features if required

    Help you overlay faces in a customized way

  • Cons:
  • Watermark and ads-free interface in premium

    The free mode does not offer full functionalities

5. Cupace

Price: Free

Platform: Android

Cupace is a user-friendly photo editing app that also helps you do face swapping with its Paste Face feature. You can effortlessly cut the face from any image and paste it onto another. The processing is simple since it enables you to extract the faces manually from photos. Hence, you can also swap your face with any desired object.

Furthermore, magnifying your photo to make the face cutout accurately is possible. Also, the cropped faces get saved in the library that can be pasted on the various pictures if required.

Cupace Face Swap App

  • Pros:
  • Provide you with a face gallery option

    Offer multiple advanced editing features

    Help you make funny photos of your friends

  • Cons:
  • Not available for iOS users

    Unable to adjust brightness or colors

Bonus: Spark Your Imagination with AI

If you want to create photos in your style besides face swapping, 4AiPaw must be your way to go. You can efficiently generate text prompts using its AI lucky dice feature. It does not only keep offering random image descriptions but also lets you enter manually. You will get unique and high-quality results due to its advanced AI technology.

More so, it offers the flexibility to select the artist and style in the desired manner. Even the saturation level and size of the output file can be adjusted easily. Also, the processing will be quick and completely safe. Lastly, you can share the designs directly on Pinterest if required.


  • Work over Android, iOS, and Online (PC users)
  • Provide you with the AI random lucky dice
  • Help you create AI art in three easy steps
  • Keep the designs in the Recent AI artwork
  • Let you join the Discord community of artists

Steps on how to spark your imagination with A

  • Step 1.The first step is to go for the 4AiPaw website on your browser. Now, tap “Start Creating” to open the main interface. Here, you have to click the small lucky dice icon to generate a random prompt.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to Face Swap 4AiPaw Art Generator
  • Step 2.The next step is to select the desired “Style” and “Artist” of the target image file. After picking, expand the “Generate” tab to adjust the required size and saturation level.

    Step 2 to Face Swap 4AiPaw Art Generator
  • Step 3.Lastly, you can click the “Generate” tab and wait a while. Once processed, hit the “Download” button, and you are all done!

    Step 3 to Face Swap 4AiPaw Art Generator

Prefer using APP?

In addition to this online method, you can apply these steps on the apps available on Google Play and Apple Store for easy accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Face swap is a popular photo or video editing feature that lets you exchange faces with friends, family, or even celebrities to get hilarious responses. The developers of other social sites are also adding this option to attract more users so you can swap and share the pictures directly.

However, if you want to enhance your imagination by creating AI images in the desired manner, 4AiPaw is the ultimate solution. Besides automatically generating the text prompts with the lucky dice, you can adjust the other aspects as well.

Create Now!

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