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[2024] AIGC: How AI Genetated Content Change the World

AIGC is the next step to PGC (Professionally Generated Content) and UGC (User Generated Content). AI content generators are now getting trendy to beat writer's block by delivering valuable content to users. Here, this write-up explains how AIGC models, like ChatGPT and DALL·E 2, can change the world of content creation!

AIGC: AI Generated Content, Hottest Trend in 2024

Considering the content stats where billions of content pieces have been created, no one can deny that content is king. Marketers and content creators are investing much in this sector. Since creating unique and relevant content require thorough research, creativity, time, and effort, assistance like an AI content generator can help you do wonders.

AI generated content (AI art, images, text, etc.) or AIGC not only converts more but also keeps up the pace of creating more content on a daily basis when compared to user-generated content. However, the accuracy and quality of the generated information may differ with the instability of AIGC models. Let's consider the top ones by OpenAI, i.e., ChatGPT and DALL·E 2.

AIGC AI Generated Content

OpenAI: ChatGPT & DALL·E 2, Experience the Power of AIGC

OpenAI is an American AI research company with the purpose of promoting and developing AI technology to fulfill users' needs. OpenAI has introduced multiple tools like ChatGPT, GPT-3 API, DALL·E 2, AI Text Classifier, etc. However, DALL·E 2 & ChatGPT are the leading ones. Let's discuss them in detail one by one:


ChatGPT is an AI model that offers detailed responses to your follow-up questions. Its advanced capabilities make it communicate like a human. This chatbot can help you complete multiple tasks like writing essays, composing emails, etc. You can get its free version now because it is in feedback collection mode. However, its Plus version is available at $20 per month. There is a possibility that it will only be available as a paid program in the future.


Simply, this tool has become the fastest-growing application now. It has made a big splash since it is beneficial to a dangerous level since ChatGPT had got 1 million users just within the first five days of launch. Multiple tech giants, including Google, are crashing on ChatGPT because it exceeds the quality of responses when compared. It is safe to say that the tech competitors are in trouble.

ChatGPT vs Google


OpenAI company launched DALL·E 2 in 2021, famous for generating desired AI art or images by writing a simple text description. You can use it online or on smartphones. Also, the developers can get its API to use this tool in the required application. Not only does it offer an intuitive interface, but it also functions at a fast speed, leaving you with a fantastic output.

Though it requires you to register an OpenAI account before processing, you will receive 50 free credits at the moment. It offers 15 free monthly credits; however, you can try its paid version for regular use. Let's follow the complete tutorial on how to use DALL·E 2 to generate realistic images:

  • Step 1.The first step involves signing up or logging into the account on the website of DALL·E 2. You will see a description bar on top of the designs generated by other artists. These designs can be used to take inspiration by hovering the mouse on a specific design if required.

    Step 1 to AIGC DALL·E 2 AI Content Generator
  • Step 2.Secondly, you can either write a detailed description in the search bar or upload an image to edit. After that, click the "Generate" tab and wait some time to get the results. You will receive different tips while waiting.

    Step 2 to AIGC DALL·E 2 AI Content Generator
  • Step 3.Later, you will receive four results according to your prompt. The more detailed the description is, the more accurate your output will be. You can tap on one chosen photo to edit.

    Step 3 to AIGC DALL·E 2 AI Content Generator
  • Step 4.From here, click "Edit" to change picture aspects, "Variations" to see four new relevant images, "Share" to publish, and "Save" to add to your collection. Lastly, you can report or save the image to your system by pressing the "Download" icon on the image. That's all!

    Step 4 to AIGC DALL·E 2 AI Content Generator

Alternative AI Art Generator in 2024: One-Click to Generate AI Art from Text

It's well-known that some countries/regions cannot help users sign up for an OpenAI account. So you won't be able to create AI art or images with DALL·E 2. So, if you want to create visual content without an account, 4AiPaw must be your way to go.

4AiPaw is a remarkable tool that does not only work on PC online but also on Android and iOS. It assists you in automatically generating random text prompts through AI lucky dice. However, you can manually enter the prompt up to 500 characters. The automated prompt creation process can also be followed by editing if required. You will be able to experience quick functioning and achieve high-resolution & unique output. It allows you to preview the results and then share them on Discord, besides saving them to your system.


  • Offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Create AI artwork in 3 simple & easy steps
  • Provide a Chrome extension for easy accessibility
  • Delete the generated designs after three days
  • Help you join the Discord community of artists

Steps for using an AI art generator to convert text to art

  • Step 1.After opening the 4AiPaw website on your browser, tap the "Start Creating" tab for the main processing. Now, write the text description manually or press the lucky dice icon to generate random prompts.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to AIGC 4AiPaw Art Generator
  • Step 2.Once the desired prompt is on the screen, move to the next section to choose "Style" and "Artist" from the available options. Also, expand the "Generate" drop-down menu to select the size and saturation of the resulting image.

    Step 2 to AIGC 4AiPaw Art Generator
  • Step 3.The last step involves hitting the "Generate" button and waiting for a while. Once the processing gets completed, press the "Download" icon to save the file on your system. You are all done!

    Step 3 to AIGC 4AiPaw Art Generator

Use APP to generate AI art anytime anywhere

The above steps are applicable not only on the browser version for PC users but also on the Android & iOS apps.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the AIGC cannot be a replacement for user-generated content. It demands fact check, editing, and adding some outputs. So, an AI content generator can be used as a writing assistant, which broadens your creativity and makes you work faster. In this scenario, the above article recommends using ChatGPT and DALL·E 2 by OpenAI.

In contrast to DALL·E 2, you can use 4AiPaw by HitPaw to generate visual content by creating text prompts using a random AI lucky dice. It lets you choose different aspects as well to make the output files better!

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