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Discord AI Art Generator: How Does It Works? (Midjourney)

Though AI art came into existence almost 50 years ago, it has recently intrigued users globally. People get amazed when a short text prompt generates a fantastic image or painting. This has also led to the concept of creating art on platforms like Discord, but how? Here the Midjourney helps you as a Discord AI art generator!

Discord Plus AI Art Generator? How Does It Spark?

AI technology has improved with time, especially in design, art, and photography. It lets you create unique and realistic art with simple prompts. Even Google is working on its AI system to generate hyper-realistic graphics with simple descriptions. In this scenario, multiple AI art generators became popular on various social media programs, like Reddit and Instagram.

Discord AI Art Generator

The newly emerged and viral generator is Midjourney which is only accessible through Discord. Just like WhatsApp and Reddit, Discord is a social media messaging platform that helps you join or build your chat server to deliver prompts and engage with communities. However, creating your free Discord account to test AI and joining the Midjourney AI beta testing server is necessary.

Midjourney: Most Famous Discord AI Art Generator

Price: Free and $10 monthly for a basic account

Midjourney must be your way to go if you are searching for a stable, secure, and popular AI art generator, Discord. However, you have to join the Beta for processing. It assists you in generating unique artwork in the Discord rooms. You can efficiently create images with hashtags, text prompts, or the "/imagine" tab, so it's a fun way to generate and share your AI images with the Discord community. Besides, you can upload images and use them as a prompt if required.

Upscaling pictures to get the best quality results is also possible. Even you can enter "/help" to learn about the commands in detail. Though the output is free, subscription plans can remove some limitations. Last but not least, the Discord AI-generated art can be used as an avatar, icon, profile picture, etc.

Below are the steps on how to use Midjourney as a Discord AI art generator:

  • Step 1.After opening the website of Midjourney on your browser, click "Join the Beta." By that time, you are supposed to have a Discord account that is already logged in. Now, press the "Activate" button to accept the Midjourney Bot invite.

    Step 1 to Midjourney Discord AI Art Generator
  • Step 2.You also have to press the "Authorize" tab to grant access to the Discord AI art generator bot for your account's banner, username, email address, and avatar. Being a newcomer, you must start from the newbie rooms. You can join any desired room to share your text prompts.

    Step 2 to Midjourney Discord AI Art Generator
  • Step 3.Type "/imagine," click the search command with the prompt and write your text. The prompt can be long with suitable attributes, separated by commas. Next, click "Enter." An image will be delivered with the Discord AI art generator for free.

    Step 3 to Midjourney Discord AI Art Generator

Extra Tips: Best AI Art Generator of the Year

If you are looking for an efficient AI art generator that also offers the opportunity to join its Discord community, 4AiPaw Online is the best way to go.

It is a powerful tool that lets you use various capabilities, making it easy for users to navigate and increase productivity. Using its lucky dice feature, you can create as many text prompts as you want. Even the dice keeps generating the descriptions until you find the desired results. However, you are allowed to write your own prompt. Also, it provides you with a wide range of styles and artists to find the suitable one. In addition, adjusting the saturation and aspect ratio of the output image is all in your control. You can even share the results on Pinterest, whatever is required.


  • Offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Work over advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Generate unique artwork with some simple clicks
  • Give you a Chrome extension for easy accessibility
  • Provide you with a completely safe & secure method

How to use 4AiPaw as an AI art generator

  • Step 1.The first and foremost step to creating artwork is to open the 4AiPaw website and click "Start Creating," which will open up the main interface. Now, you can manually enter the description in the prompt box or click the random lucky dice icon.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator
  • Step 2.Next, you can select an option from the "Style" and "Artist" sections. Once chosen, expand the "Generate" tab to choose the "Size" and "Saturation" levels.

    Step 2 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator
  • Step 3.Finally, press the "Generate" button to start processing and wait for a moment. Now, hit the "Download" icon, and that's all!

    Step 3 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator

Use APP to generate AI art anytime anywhere

You can also generate AI art by following the above steps on its Android and iOS versions.


It's a fact that AI-generated art will only get advance with time. Midjourney benefits Discord users as an AI art generator; you can quickly join its beta channel server to make artwork pieces with some free prompts. Like Midjourney, art generators will be coming up in the next years for other social platforms.

Create Now!

However, it's better to try a safe & secure option of 4AiPaw to create art using free prompts generated by its random AI lucky dice. Not only does it work online, but it also offers iOS and Android versions.

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