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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2024

Here is the guide covering the best time for Instagram posts and reels. Without further ado, let's get into the details!

Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2024 from Monday to Sunday

As far as the best time to post on Instagram is concerned, users mainly engage in mid-day and mid-week, which is an ideal time for a break from work. However, the content posted on weekends generally receives minimum reach with less user engagement because the screen time gets low.

Now, let's look at the best times to post on Instagram, based on the research done by Later, Sprout Social, Influencer Marketing Hub, Hootsuite, Search Engine Journal, and more:

Best Time to Post on Instagram in a Week

Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram in 2024

Posting reels is a good option if you want to grow followers and boost engagement on your Instagram account. It's because the results of the Hootsuite experiment state that posting reels can help you achieve 300% more engagement than usual posts and videos. In addition, Instagram stats imply that almost 58% of overall marketers have added reels to their Instagram strategy of 2024. Here are some differences between Instagram posts and reels:

  • A post is a traditional form of sharing content in horizontal format with a 60-minute duration or up to 10-15 images. In contrast, reels are the latest way of sharing content in vertical format with 30 seconds long durations.
  • You can add filters, locations, tags, effects, music, and creative elements to posts and reels.
  • Instagram posts can easily disappear from the users' feeds, but reels stay for a long time in comparison with better engagement rates.
  • Lastly, the reels are not preferred for detailed and technical information. However, the posts can efficiently serve this purpose.

The best time to post reels on Instagram differs based on factors such as industry, audience activity, and location. However, below are the average timings to consider:

Best Time to Post on Instagram Reels

Why We Need to Know the Best Time to Post on Instagram

With time, Instagram keeps changing its algorithms, so maintaining your content in the feed for a higher engagement rate is challenging. However, the only thing that affects your reach in all cases is posting valuable content at the right time.

In addition, listed below are three factors your content ranking depends on.

1. Similar Interest

The similar content the users have already taken an interest in will receive an improved ranking. So you should focus on the previous patterns, not only in creating Instagram posts but also in their time.

2. Recency

Instagram shows the most recent posts on the feed. So you need to publish content at the best time to post on Instagram. This point shows that the timeline is a significant factor for Instagram algorithms.

3. Interactions

Most posts in the users' feeds are based on their past interactions because this social platform ranks the accounts that have been frequently contacted. By posting at the right time, more people will be able to see your posts, which leads to higher engagement and a high ranking on Instagram.

So all the above points suggest you select the best time to post on Instagram strategically. This will increase the likes, shares, comments, and saves. Also, you have to post frequently to avail the recency factor and achieve high chances for your brand views.

Bonus Tips: Post on Instagram the Best & Creative Photo

Since Instagram is all about appealing photos and reels, it's better to post the best and most creative with your photos. And if you need help, HitPaw Online Background Remover should be your way to go.

It is an all-in-one solution that not only helps you erase background but also offers multiple editing tools. You can effortlessly use a background color or desired template, i.e., art, pattern, texture, brick, wooden, etc. Also, it provides a wide range of Instagram IDEAS templates, including posts and videos. Even you can adjust the picture aspects and delete various post layers. Besides template customization, it lets you enjoy simple, secure, quick functioning to bring high-definition results. Lastly, you can process multiple images at a time in a batch to save time and effort.

HitPaw Online Background Remover

  • Provide you with some samples pictures for practice
  • Offer multiple posts, videos, and background templates
  • Let you switch between the original and processed image
  • Help you add elements, like frames, social media icons, etc.
  • Support previewing the processed post before downloading

Below are the steps to follow when you want to get a creative photo for Instagram:

  • Step 1.The first step is to open HitPaw Online Background Remover. Now, tap the "Remove Now" button to begin. Next is to click "Choose Images" to browse and upload the photo or pick one from the sample images.

    Step 1 to HitPaw Instagram Templates
  • Step 2.Once the background is removed, press the "Edit" button below the image to open the editing interface. Click "Templates" from the side column and scroll until you see "Instagram IDEA" templates.

    Step 2 to HitPaw Instagram Templates
  • Step 3.It's time to pick a template from the list and edit it according to your needs using various features. After that, hit the "Download" tab, and you are all done!

    Step 3 to HitPaw Instagram Templates


It's frustrating when you aren't getting the desired reach despite your efforts of spending much time on posts and reels. But you have got the solution. Publishing content at the best time to post on Instagram promises you to get into the audience feeds and search pages. However, the next is dependent on your quality content. Remember, you will see the results by posting consistently, not within a day.

Moreover, if you want to get creative with your photos before posting on Instagram or need the best Instagram template, HitPaw Online Background Remover facilitates you.

Try It Now!

FAQs about the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Q1. What is the #1 best time to Post on Instagram?

A1. Indeed, the best time to post on Instagram depends upon the location and activity of your target audience. However, the popular recommendations are posting from 6 AM to 9 AM, 12 PM to 2 PM, and 5 PM to 7 PM.

Q2. Is posting 2 reels a day too much?

A2. The good rule is to take reels as a part of the Instagram feed. You should maintain a good balance between posts and reels to get a better reach because it's not a good idea to overload your users' feeds with reels. Also, the reel quality must be good enough for a high engagement rate. Considering all these factors, one reel a day is enough.

Q3. Is it better to post on Instagram in the morning or at night?

A3. Based on the statistics, it is suggested to post in the morning between 6 AM to 9 AM than at night. The reason is that people usually check their Instagram accounts in the morning while traveling to their job places. So you need to plan accordingly.

Q4. What's the worst time to post on Instagram?

A4. Though it is challenging to state the worst time to post on Instagram, after 2 PM on weekends and 1 AM to 5 AM on weekdays is the most popular. It's because your target audience will be busy shopping, eating out, or socializing with their friends. Whatever the reason is, they may not be on their phones like normal days.

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