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How to Add Background to Photo Instantly Online/iPhone

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-09-30

How often does it happen that when you opt to click your photos, an unwanted background appears while previewing the picture? In the era of social media, where everyone loves sharing photos with their friends, having a flawed background of your image is a concern for many. The simplest way to erase the unwanted objects appearing on your photo's background is by adding the white thing to the photo background.

Can you add white background to photo? Luckily, you can add background to a photo, and we'll tell you how to do it on your iPhone.

Editor's Pick: Add A Background to A Photo Online Instantly and Effectively

If you don't want to install an app and want to add background to photo online, HitPaw Online Background Remover is the best option. It has professional features, meaning you can easily add or remove the background. Apart from tinkering with the background, HitPaw Online Background Remover empowers you to resize, adjust, and move the picture.

Moreover, it allows you to enlarge or zoom it, making it relevant and perfect. Luckily, this tool offers you multiple background colors, which speaks volumes about this incredible online tool.

1. Features of HitPaw Online Background Remover:

  • Helps you add black background to the photo automatically with powerful AI.
  • Remove background from photo precisely and instantly.
  • Provides some background templates for changing background.
  • No watermark.
  • Allows you to upload own image as a background.
Add Background Now

2. How to add background to photo online using HitPaw Online Background Remover?

Step 01To begin with, you'll only need to navigate to the official website of HitPaw Online Video Background Remover and tap on ''Choose file''. Upload the photo you'd like to add the background into.

how to add background to photo

Step 02After uploading the photo, you'll need to tap on ''Remove Background''. Once this process is completed, you'll need to tap on the ''Edit'' icon to launch the new interface.

how to add white background to photo

Step 03Tap on the ''Preset''icon and select an image or solder color for your photo's background. Once done with it, you'll need to tap on '' Download'' to export the edited photo.

add a background to a photo

Part 2: How to Add A Background to A Photo on iPhone for Free

If you're searching for an app to add background to photo on iPhone, Auto Background Changer won't be a bad idea. It is one of the greatest iPhone apps that assist you in removing unwanted backgrounds and adding the background you like the most. The important thing about this tool is that it allows you to add a background in various ways. For instance, you can use Advanced Erasing Tool, Blur Photo Editor Tool, Color Splash Tool, and Photo Cut Cut Paste options.

Apart from adding or removing the background, this app also holds the ability to edit photos appropriately. Moreover, Auto Background Changer comes with various features, including Auto Erase, Lasso Eraser, Manual Erase, and Restore.

In hindsight, you can say that this app might tinker with the resolution of your photo, but you can try this tool for good.

So, How to add background to photo for free?

You can follow the guide below if you intend to change the photo's background and add a simple one using Auto Background Changer.

Step 01To begin, you'll need to navigate the App Store and install the Auto Background Changer app on your iPhone.

Step 02Launch the application on your iPhone and select the AUTO cut icon. Next, you'll need to import the photo you'd like to add to the new background and remove the previous one.

how to add a background to a photo

Step 03After importing the photo, you'll need to tap on Erase, and then the image's background will disappear, and now you can add a new background of your preference.

add backgrounds to photos

Part 3: Other Useful Apps to Add Background to A Photo on iPhone(Paid)

Adding backgrounds to photos isn't easy, but things get even more difficult when you aim to apply the background on your iPhone. With only a few background-adding apps, iPhone users have few choices. Luckily, we'll introduce the top three background-changing apps for the iPhone.

1. SuperImpose

Despite having limited options, Superimpose won't disappoint you when removing and adding the background to your photo. Using this tool, you've got the leverage to remove any part of photos and then add a new one. For instance, you can use Target Auto Area to remove a feature that empowers you to remove the parts of your image with a similar color After removing the background, this app makes it pretty simple to add a gigantic background.

Surprisingly, SuperImpose also enables you to set the output size of your edited photo, making this app worth using.

Unfortunately, many users have complained about losing the photo resolution, which can happen with any iPhone background-changing app.

add black background to photo

2. Background Eraser

If you don't mind adding a random background to your photo after removing the unwanted one from your picture, you should have a look at Background Eraser. Many iOS users have appreciated the idea behind this app, and the most efficient thing about this tool is that it makes the thing look simple. So, you can use the advanced background removal tools of background erase to eliminate the awful background from your photo and add a new one.

On top of that, this app for iOS also comes up with the Target color or target area features to make the background removal process smooth and fast.

Moreover, if you don't like removing the background using this app, you can also undo the changes you make courtesy of the Restore/Reverse Tools.
change photo background

3. Cut Paste Photo, Background

Despite having tried a few options, if you're struggling to know how to add background to a photo, Cut Paste, Background might help your cause. It allows you to easily cut a particular part of your photo and paste it into another part of a photo. So if you want to add a specific thing to your photo's background, this app helps you serve your purpose.

On top of that, this great app for ios devices also comes up with hundreds of background templates, meaning you can erase the unwanted background and add those templates. With the possibility to add multiple foregrounds, iOS users can surely make their photos look worth watching and extremely delightful.

So, if you don't mind losing the bit of original photo quality, opting for Cut Paste Photo; the Background app can bring the rewards you've been looking for.

add background to photo


If you're one of those who ask ''how to add a white background to a photo'', this article could be a game changer. We were keen to present you with the most effective tools to help you add the appropriate background to your photo. All the options we've introduced in this post make sense, but the best way to add background to your photo has to be HitPaw Online Background Remover. It is a brilliant tool that allows you to add high-quality backgrounds to your photo easily.

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