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[Quick Guide] How to Use the AI Art Generator (AI Manga) on TikTok?

AI Mange filter is being used as an AI art generator on TikTok. It is getting trendy these days since it generates an anime-styled portrait. Let's explore this filter and advanced AI art in detail!

What is AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a tool that can turn your images into artwork pieces using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Have you ever imagined yourself as a comic-book character? Now, you can see what it looks like in real, courtesy of the AI Manga filter. People are getting used to this AI art generator on TikTok that transforms your photo or another image on your phone into something that is taken from a graphic novel.

Don't you know the steps for using AI Manga on TikTok, don't worry. It's not difficult if you have used its AI Greenscreen filter before; however, this article covers a step-by-step tutorial to facilitate you!

Wanna Go Viral? Try to Use AI Art Generator (AI Manga) on TikTok!

Do you want to get viral on TikTok? If yes, the AI Manga art generator can help you. It lets you generate a cartoon version of your image in comic style. You can use this filter on TikTok; however, updating your app before starting is essential.

Here is a basic step-by-step guide on how to use AI Manga as an AI generator on TikTok:

  • Step 1.The first step requires you to launch the app on your phone and tap the "Create" tab. Here, you need to click "Effects" from the left corner of the bottom.

    Step 1 to AI Art Generator TikTok
  • Step 2.Next, type "AI Anime" or "AI Manga" in the search bar. You have to choose the effect, namely "AI Manga."

    Step 2 to AI Art Generator TikTok
  • Step 3.Once the filter got selected, you can click the screen or upload an image from your phone. After loading for a few seconds, the photo will be transformed into artwork. You are all done!

    Step 3 to AI Art Generator TikTok

Extra Tips: Create AI Art with More Possibilities

Though AI Manga is valuable for smartphone users, it doesn't work on PCs. Plus, its outcome shows only one possibility. So if you want to create AI art in various unique ways, the 4AiPaw Online tool is the ultimate solution. Its lucky dice feature allows you to generate random art prompts quickly. Not only can you select the style of the output but also the artist that best suits you, thus leading to multiple unique forms of AI art.

More so, you can adjust the saturation level and aspect ratio of the target art file. Sharing your art directly on Pinterest is also feasible. Even you can manually delete the artworks from your recent artworks section once downloaded.


  • Simple and most innovative AI art generator
  • Offer unique art using advanced AI algorithms
  • Work equally on iOS, Android, and Online (PC)
  • Help you easily alter the target file parameters
  • Provide you with a Chrome extension for ease

How to use the 4AiPaw art generator correctly

  • Step 1.After opening the website of this AI tool on your browser, head on to the main interface by clicking "AI Art Generator." Here, you need to enter the prompt or press the lucky dice icon to generate the one automatically.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator
  • Step 2.Secondly, you can select the desired option under the "Style" tab, i.e., Anime, Sketch, etc. Also, pick up an artist like Miyazaki, Andy Warhol, or others.

    Step 2 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator
  • Step 3.The final step involves expanding the "Generate" tab and opting for "Size" and "Saturation" levels. Once done, hit "Generate" and wait for a while. Click the "Download" icon, and that's all!

    Step 3 to 4AiPaw AI Art Generator

Prefer Using Your Phone? No Problem!

Besides using this online version for PC, you must also try its Android and iOS app for easy accessibility.


Indeed, users love the AI Mange filter during the rise of AI technology. Just like Lensa got the users' attention to create magic Avatar, this TikTok filter is becoming famous due to its excellent results. So if you also want to get viral, this AI art generator on TikTok can help you. You can quickly follow the quick steps to get this filter.

Create Now!

However, if you want to create art at a broader level, 4AiPaw Online must be your way to go. It offers you different styles and artists options to achieve the desired outcome.

FAQs about AI Art Generator TikTok

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding AI Art Generator on TikTok; let's have a look!

Q1. What is the best AI effect on TikTok?

A1. AI Manga has become trendy since it works as an AI art generator on TikTok. You can either capture a picture at the moment or upload one from the system to process. You only need to open the effects tab in TikTok, search for the specific effect, and use it.

Q2. Are AI-generated images copyright free?

A2. In theory, AI-generated images are considered copyright free since they aren't generated by humans. So one can freely use and reuse it whenever required. You can use 4AiPaw to create free AI photos.

Q3. How do AI art generators work?

A3. The algorithms behind AI art generators make them learn aesthetics by analyzing source data set of images. Then these algorithms work to generate unique images based on the learned aesthetics. AI art generator Manga on TikTok also performs this way, offering good quality results.

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