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Steal from AI Art? Click to Know about Image to Text/Prompts Generator!

Besides other technological innovations, various reverse artificial intelligence models were also introduced in the market. These tools help you convert any reference AI image to text quickly, making it easier to generate new & unique AI images from similar prompts. However, looking at its history is a must for better understanding!

Background of Image to Text/Prompts Generator

Though some people may call it stealing AI art, others think of taking inspiration, using it as a reference, and creating something unique using technology. An image to text converter assists you in achieving the best AI image without thinking about the prompts. So you won’t have to generate the images randomly as a test.

Also, the generated descriptions will leave you amazed. However, it’s up to you to either utilize the prompts as it is or edit their style for enhancement purposes. Even some tools offer their own photos, so you can convert them to text to create new ones.

Still, Have no Idea? Let's Try the Tools Below:

Are you still confused about the purpose and the working of an image to text converter? Below are must-try tools to get in-depth knowledge and convert an image to text online!

1. CLIP-Interrogator

CLIP-Interrogator is an online engineering tool that helps you accurately convert the reference AI image to a text prompt. Its advanced algorithms assist you in optimizing and matching the text prompts to the required image. While processing, you can use the CLIP model of your choice, i.e., ViT-L or ViT-H.

Even the work mode needs to be selected as fast or the best. The output prompts can be used in an efficient text to image generator to create unique art of improved quality.

Let’s follow the steps to convert AI image to text using CLIP-Interrogator:

  • Step1.After opening the website on your browser, tap the “Upload” section to insert your desired image.

    Step 1 to CLIP-Interrogator Image to Text
  • Step 2.Secondly, you are supposed to choose the CLIP model from the drop-down menu and mode from the two available options.

    Step 2 to CLIP-Interrogator Image to Text
  • Step 3.However, the last step involves pressing the “Submit” button and waiting for a while. You will receive the prompt in the “Output” box, which can be copied and used as feasible. That’s all!

    Step 3 to CLIP-Interrogator Image to Text

2. Img2prompt

Img2prompt is a fantastic tool that comes with a large collection of the image to text models. The models can efficiently generate captions and text prompts from the AI images. Plus, you can import the image from your PC or take the new one using the webcam option.

After submission, you will receive the approximate prompt with style. It also offers multiple examples which can be used to generate prompts first and cool AI images later.

Here is a detailed guide on how to convert an image to text online via Img2prompt:

  • Step1.Once you have opened the Img2prompt website, you must select a model from multiple options to generate prompts from images. It will lead you to the next interface.

    Step 1 to Img2prompt Image to Text
  • Step 2.Next, scroll down under the image area to either upload a file from the system or take it via webcam. Click the required section to insert the image. Step 2 to Img2prompt Image to Text

  • Step 3.Lastly, you need to hit the “Submit” tab, and you will see the processing of “Running Prediction.” In seconds, the prompt will be available to copy and share. All done!

    Step 3 to Img2prompt Image to Text

Extra Tips: Wanna Experience Text to Image? No Problem!

Whether you want to create a random prompt or enter your own text description manually to generate an artistic image, AI Art Prompts Lucky Dice benefits you. It is considered the most creative AI generator that works over deep technologies for better performance. It possesses online AI-trained generators to create AI content at a fast pace.

Also, it offers detailed, accurate text from an image or an image from a prompt. Even you can keep refreshing the dice for new results until you get satisfied. Besides, it allows you to choose the AI art style before generating the output. Last but not least, you can access the AI Art tool directly and create the desired image.

AI Art Prompts Lucky Dice


  • Offer a simple and secure extension
  • Allow you to use completely free services
  • Provide you with unlimited prompts/modifiers
  • Let you access the Wombo AI Art generator
  • Help you convert text to AI image quickly

Step-by-step Tutorial

  • Step1.Open the Chrome extension for this tool. Tap the “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension” tabs. Click on the “Extensions” icon from the upper right corner of Chrome and hit the “Pin” button to get accessibility for this tool.

    Add to Chrome Now! Step 1 to HitPaw AI Art Prompts Text to Image
  • Step 2.Press the “Dice” icon and on the “Current Page” section, add the custom or copied AI prompt here. Once done, hit the “Go to AI Art” button to open the next interface.

    Step 2 to HitPaw AI Art Prompts Text to Image
  • Step 3.The final step is to choose “Art Style” and tap “Create.” It will take some time, and then you will be able to see output image. That is all!

    Step 3 to HitPaw AI Art Prompts Text to Image

Video Guide

Still kind of confused about the chrome extension? Click the video down below to know AI Prompt Lucky Dice better!

Final Thoughts

After going through this write-up, you must have understood that image to text converter is helpful for generating more creative AI images with less effort. You can use the same generated descriptions or edit them. However, an efficient AI text to image generator is required for the best results.

AI Art Prompts Lucky Dice aids you in this regard. It enables you to either generate random prompts or your own generated image to text. You can choose the style and get benefit from its other features as desired. Let’s try it once!

Add to Chrome Now!

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