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How to Make an NFT? | Beginner's Best Guide

NFTs have gained much popularity in cryptocurrency. The reason is its high trading volume and celebrity endorsements for digital artwork. But what's it, and how do you make an NFT? It may seem complex, but let's go through the basics for in-depth knowledge.

What is an NFT?

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token can be created on NFT platforms. It is a digital token that needs to be stored on the blockchain. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, an NFT is unique and possesses a different value, so each asset is preferred and sold differently.

An NFT holds a cryptographic identifier that helps you prove your ownership over a digital file. Plus, they are irreplaceable & tradable using online exchanges. Do you also want to create and sell NFTs? If yes, you need to learn the step-by-step process of how to make an NFT!

Also, look at the examples of some popular NFTs:

1. Everydays The First 5000 Days by Beeple

Everydays The First 5000 Days by Beeple

2. CryptoPunk 5822

CryptoPunk 5822

3. Crossroad by Beeple

Crossroad by Beeple

4. Ringers 879 by Dmitri Cherniak

Ringers 879 by Dmitri Cherniak

Step by Step: How to Make an NFT as a Beginner?

After exploring a little bit, here are the steps on how to make an NFT. Though there are multiple ways to NFT creation, let's follow the generalized one:

1. Figure Out the NFT Type You Want to Create

The first step is picking up unique content, so only choose the files that can be minted to NFTs. For this purpose, you will require ownership of the files in order to avoid lawsuits. It can be an art, game, music, video, image, or digital file. While making an NFT, you need to consider its value to your audience.

2. Opt for Your Blockchain

Several blockchains are available in the market to store your NFTs. It will keep a record of your NFT permanently, that's important. These include Ethereum, Solana, Flow, etc. Choose the one that fulfills your demands.

3. Select an NFT Platform

Indeed, an NFT marketplace is crucial for minting. However, it is good to go for the one offering a full-service marketplace and selling opportunities. Among all, you may consider Solonart, OpenSea, and Crypto Exchanges.

4. Set Up and Connect a Digital Wallet

The next step involves setting up your wallet and connecting NFT. A wallet is a software program that lets you receive and send crypto transactions. Plus, it is necessary to choose a wallet that is compatible with your blockchain and NFT platform. For this purpose, MetaMask is considered the safest option for beginners since it is user-friendly and offers a Chrome extension.

5. Upload the NFT File

After choosing the blockchain, NFT marketplace, and wallet, uploading or minting an NFT becomes straightforward. Though the creation process is different for various websites, it is much easier, like uploading a file and filling in descriptions as required.

For example, OpenSea requires you to connect the crypto wallet, select the Create option, upload the media file, fill in the details, choose blockchain, and create NFT.

6. List Your NFT for Sale

For some lazy options, minting is free, while only for some. Once the NFT is created, hit the Sell tab to list it for sale. You can fix its price and time as required. That's all!

Have No Idea What to Create? Try the Best AI Art Generator for Inspiration

If you don't know what to create as an NFT and want to take inspiration, 4AiPaw is the ultimate solution. This AI Art Generator offers a lucky dice that can generate random text prompts to create artwork. So you can either convert the text into an image automatically or manually. Also, it provides you with a range of options for styles and artists. You are allowed to pick up the one that suits your needs.

More so, changing the aspect ratio of your output is all in your control. You can even set the saturation level if required. Lastly, it is possible to delete, share, or download the image quickly.


  • Help you convert AI text to image effortlessly
  • Work over new & advanced AI technology
  • Allow you to change the output parameters
  • Let you join the Discord channel for 4AiPaw
  • Delete the output from the server after three days

How to create AI art using 4AiPaw online

  • Step 1.First of all, open the 4AiPaw website on your browser and tap on "AI Art Generator" to open the main interface. Now, you need to press the "Dice" icon to get the prompt automatically or manually write whatever you want.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration
  • Step 2.Secondly, go toward the "Style" and "Artist" sections. Though they will currently be on default, you can make the desired selection, like "Game" and "Picasso."

    Step 2 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration
  • Step 3.The last step is also about expanding the "Generate" button and choosing "Size" and "Saturation" levels. Once done, hit "Generate" and wait for a while. You can easily get inspiration from the output. Keep repeating the process for other ideas.

    Step 3 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration

Wanna Create AI Artwork on iOS/Android?

Click to download 4AiPaw Android and iOS version for free on smartphones since it is accessible anywhere. These apps let you create stunning artwork by turning your thoughts into reality.


The concept of NFTs seems complicated to understand initially; however, NFT creation only requires knowledge of minting, blockchain, crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces, and gas fees. Once you learn these basics of how to make an NFT, selling them becomes easy to start with. Your research, creativity, and diligence help you become a part of the millionaires.

Create Now!

Since it is crucial to know what you want to create, you can try 4AiPaw Online for inspiration. This AI art generator will provide you with tons of ideas. Let's try it once!

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