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Best Guide: Looking for A NFT PFP Maker? Check This Out!

An NFT PFP maker is a tool that assists you in making NFTs for social media profile pictures. Hence, one must know about an NFT and PFP before getting into in-depth details!

What is NFT & PFP?

NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is an advanced method to signify asset ownership in the virtual world. They are like personal collectibles but in digital form. For example, digital artwork, domain names, virtual land parcels, and more.

What is NFT

PFP stands for Profile Picture; it is a kind of NFT that became popular last year. They are small pieces of artwork that one can set on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Though the first NFT PFP came in 2017, these are getting attention from celebrities and influencers now.

However, an NFT PFP maker is required to achieve the desired picture. So as a beginner, let's learn how to make one!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make NFT PFP

The best and most efficient NFT PFP maker is 4AiPaw which lets you broaden your creativity when designing artistic profile pictures. Its random AI art lucky dice help you generate prompts automatically, thus resulting in creative art pieces. However, the option of manual prompt entry can also be used. Above all, you can generate these PFPs without any charge.

More so, this AI art generator allows you to choose the desired output style with the artist, such as anime, watercolor, sketch, game, etc. Even altering the size and saturation of the target file can be done with ease. Lastly, you can share the designs directly on Pinterest.


  • Work on Android, iOS, and browser (only PC)
  • Help you generate NFTs PFP in simple clicks
  • Create artwork using advanced AI-based technology
  • Offer Chrome extension to make the tool more accessible
  • Let you join Discord to share your NFTs with the community
  • Delete the created artwork automatically after three days

Tutorial on how to use 4AiPaw as an NFT PFP maker

  • Step 1.The first and foremost step involves opening this 4AiPaw tool on your browser. Tap on the "AI Generator" button that will lead you to the main interface. Here, click the random dice icon to generate the prompt automatically or do it manually.

    Create Now!

    Step 1 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration
  • Step 2.Secondly, you are supposed to opt for the desired options under the art "Style" and "Artist." For example, you can choose "Child" and "Raphael," respectively.

    Step 2 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration
  • Step 3.The final step is to expand the "Generate" tab and adjust the saturation level, along with the output size. Once done, hit the "Generate" tab and after processing, click "Download." That's all!

    Step 3 to 4AiPaw NFT Inspiration

Prefer Making NFT PFP on Your Phone? No Problem!

The above steps are not only workable for the 4AiPaw browser-based tool on PC but also prove efficient while using the smartphone version, both on Android and iOS.


NFT PFP has gotten much hype during the past years. Renowned celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber, and more are purchasing and displaying them on their social media handles. Since these celebrity endorsements strongly influence NFT enthusiasts, PFPs are considered more than just pieces of artwork.

Create Now!

The reason behind this is to depict your identity in the virtual world. However, the general public finds it better to create PFPs on their own. Here, 4AiPaw offers its free services by working as an NFT PFP maker with which you can create PFPs quickly and in different styles.

FAQs about NFT & PFP

Q1. How do I create an NFT PFP?

A1. You need to follow some steps to create an NFT PFP. Firstly, define your characters and decide the size of your collection. Also, you have to determine the benefits and the price. Lastly, create an NFT PFP artwork through an algorithm.

Q2. Can I turn any image into NFT?

A2. Yes, turning an image into NFT is possible by uploading it to the program or platform that supports the JPG format. Thus, this platform or program will mint the digital file into NFT, which can be listed and sold on the desired marketplace.

Q3. Can you put NFTs as your PFP?

A3. Of course, you can set NFTs as your PFP; however, it is crucial to have a crypto wallet. You are supposed to select the NFT and connect it to your wallet. Use the wallet with your NFTs like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow, etc.

Q4. 4.What size are PFP NFTs?

A4. The size of PFP NFTs differs for each social platform; however, NFTs are mainly used on Twitter. The recommended size is at least 600x600 pixels, so you should go for a 3:1 aspect ratio with 1500px. Furthermore, ensuring a 5MB file size is essential for NFT digital art. For Facebook, it should be 170x170px for desktop and 128x128 px.

Q5. What is a good PFP?

A5. In a good PFP, your face should be the most of the image. It should not fill the entire camera but not be small to the limit that people can't see your smile in the picture. Simply, it means not so far and not so close.

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