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Home > Learn > Best 9 Free Spongebob Text to Speech Voice Generators in 2023

Best 9 Free Spongebob Text to Speech Voice Generators in 2023

HitPaw Online blog
Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-02-01

There is no doubt that Spongebob is one of the most well-known cartoon characters in the world. The voice of Spongebob is familiar to people all around the globe.

The user may create Spongebob's voice using a variety of voice generators and Spongebob voice text to speech tools. Here, we'll go through some of the best voice-changing tools available online. In addition, we'll talk about similar apps for your smartphone.

Spongebob Text to Speech Voice Generators

Part 1. 7 Online AI Voice Generators for Spongebob Text to Speech

The following are the top 7 online AI voice generators for Spongebob text to speech:

1. FakeYou

If you want to clone your voice, you may do it easily with Fake You, an online TTS service that offers a variety of vocal options in several categories. In order to have the computer read out the user's lines or conversations, they must first write them into the box and then click the "Speak" button. Just a few seconds are needed for the tool to produce the voice before it is shown. You may use it to give SpongeBob a voice if you want to.

Text to Speech fake you


  • Anime, cartoons, games, movies, and more are just some of the choices available.
  • Moreover, it uses the voice of many category characters to provide specificity.
  • Converts text to speech in a matter of seconds.


  • Not the best tool with a lot of features

2. UberDuck.ai

Another online text-to-speech application that can help with composition is Uberduck. When using the default options, users can select from a variety of categories and characters. It is a great Spongebob TTS.

Once the user chooses the voice and the character, all they have to do is click the Synthesize button to hear the result. Uberduck, on the other hand, necessitates registration before any sound can be made. Users may sign up using their existing Google or Discord accounts, or any other email address.

Spongebob TTS generator


  • Allows the user to pick from more than five thousand different voices.
  • If you're a programmer, you can utilize the user APIs that Uberduck provides to create apps.
  • The user may make their own unique voice copy.


  • Not suitable for beginners

3. 15.ai

When it comes to text-to-speech services, 15.ai is the simplest to use. The UI is straightforward and easy to use. The user inputs text and either tap "Enter" or selects "Generate" to hear the content read aloud. It will just take a few moments to convert. It has temporarily stopped its operations to resolve a few problems.

Text to Speech fake you


  • You don't have to sign up for anything to use it.
  • When compared to other similar resources available online, its UI is far more intuitive.
  • The system makes it simple for the user to convert text to speech using one of several thousand available voices.


  • No longer works

4. Woord

Woord is an ultrafast voice generator with high-quality voices built in for text-to-speech conversion. The Woords' ability to provide 60 distinct voices in 10 different languages (including Canadian, Brazilian, French, and others) is one of its strongest qualities.

You may also utilize an HTML embed audio player to obtain mp3 files, which can then be used in your movies on YouTube.

Woord uses artificial intelligence to produce voices of the finest quality and most lifelike sound. Direct assistance, a private audio library, license rights, and API access are just some of the perks of the paid version.

text-to-speech conversion


  • Allows free version.
  • Fast, simple, and easy-to-use.
  • Multiple languages.


  • Does not support Spongebob voice.

5. iSpeech

To better reach your audience, iSpeech, one of the best text-to-speech tools available online, can turn your written materials, such as articles and blog posts, into Spongebob AI voice files that can be listened to by the ever-growing number of Internet users.

Spongebob AI voice  generator


  • The iSpeech text-to-speech tool is free to use on the web and mobile devices.
  • It can convert written text into speech in 28 different languages.
  • iSpeech allows programmers to mimic human speech and provides free SDKs for use on mobile devices and the web.


  • Does not support Spongebob voice.

6. Speechelo

It just takes a few seconds for Speechelo, an online text-to-speech application powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to convert any text into a human voice. As a cloud service, it eliminates the need for any client installation.

online text-to-speech application


  • About 30 people's voices are available.
  • You may listen to demos of all the voices and pick the one that sounds best to you.
  • Your voiceover will be completed in under 10 seconds. Speechelo allows you to preview the voiceover and choose a new one if you don't like it.


  • Paid tool.

7. Vocodes

There are many other websites that convert text to speech, but Vocodes is among the best. The most exciting feature is that it can be used to create a SpongeBob-style voice.

When creating SpongeBob copies, Vocodes employs fake deep technologies to produce sounds that are very similar to the original. This was developed by Brandon Thomas and is available to everyone.

Before becoming known as Fake You, the site was formerly known as Vocodes. When you click the link, a menu will appear. Select "SpongeBob SquarePants Options" and enter your message. If you press the quick button, Vocodes will automatically produce a SpongeBob voice.

 produce a SpongeBob voice


  • Allows you to generate Spongebob voice.
  • Hundreds of different cartoon voices.
  • Free to use and simple.


  • The website is slow.

Part 2. 2 Software For Spongebob Voice from Text to Speech

In the previous section, we talked about the 7 best online Spongebob voice generators. Now, we are going to take a look at 2 offline software tools.

1. Baviux

Baviux is a mobile app that changes the user's voice to sound like a variety of different characters. The Spongebob voice AI can be modified in several ways. One may adjust their voice, record it, and then send it to friends and family via social media. It's a great option for anyone seeking a tool because it's practical and efficient.

Spongebob voice AI


  • You can get it on your Android or iOS device. It's available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Not only does it function as a voice changer and recorder, but it also has other useful features.
  • The user is free to use and share the edited voice with anybody they like.


  • No advanced editing features.

2.Google TTS

To add SpongeBob's voice to a recording, the user can utilize Google Text to Speech. It doesn't even need to be downloaded; it comes preinstalled on every Android handset. Setting > Accessibility > Installed Services is where the user will get this information.

Select "Select to Speak," and then confirm your choice. The user may then launch any app, tap the "Speak" button, and have the program do the talking for them. Select "Settings > General Management > Language and Input" to hear SpongeBob speak.

Here, you'll discover your favorite SpongeBob character under the Text to Speech menu, where you may select Google TTS. A little yellow symbol will appear.

SpongeBob's voice ai generator


  • Default feature in every device.
  • No need to install 3rd party app.
  • Simple and easy.


  • Not user-friendly.

Part 3. Comparison of Spongebob Text to Speech

Product Name Platforms & OS Languages Voices Price User Rating
15.ai Online 10+ 100+ Free 4.9
Google TTS iOS 40 220 Paid per character 4.9
Baviux Android & iOS / 40 Free 4.5
UberDuck.ai Online / 4000 $25 /month 4.8
FakeYou Online / 2475 Free 4.6

Part 4. FAQs of AI Voice Generator for Spongebob

1. Can you change your voice to Spongebob?

You can change your voice to sound like Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, or other characters from the show.

There are a few different ways to do this. One way is to use voice distortion software to change the pitch and tone of your voice. Another way is to use a vocoder, which is a type of synthesizer that alters and modifies the sounds of your voice.

2. What is the website where you can make Spongebob say anything?

Vocodes is where you can make Spongebob say anything. It mimics Spongebob's voice using deep fake technology, and the transition from the real thing to the imitation is nearly undetectable.

Part 5. Ultra-tips: How to Add the Music to Spongebob Speech Audio after Changing from Text

After converting the text of Spongebob SquarePants into speech, for the purpose of making the audio or video more colorful, you may also want to add background music to the audio.

Adding background music to Spongebob SquarePants can make the audio or video more colorful. Background music Casually helps set the scene, defines the mood, and gives the audience a better idea of time and place without being too on the nose. In addition, it can add movement to a scene, and often reflects what characters are feeling.

HitPaw Add Music to Audio Online is a powerful and easy-to-use online audio editor. It allows you to add your own music or sound effects to any audio file, and create custom ringtones, alarms, and notifications.

Here are some of the basic and helpful features of HitPaw Add Music to Audio Online:

  • Allows you to add music to any audio.
  • Simple, fast, and completely free.
  • Create ringtones, character voices, and much more.
  • Works faster and completely online.
  • No limit on the number of music files.

Here is how to use music with text to speech Spongebob voice using HitPaw Add Music to Audio Online:

Step 01 Go to HitPaw Add Music to Audio Online tool website page.

Step 02 Drag and drop your Spongebob audio.

import audio

Step 03 Now add tracks and change the length.

add tracks

Step 04 Download and save the audio.

export your audio

Part 6. Conclusion

In this article we reviewed some online and offline AI voice generator Spongebob. You can use any of them to create a Spongebob voiceover. However, we highly recommend you use HitPaw Add Music to Audio Online tool to add music to your Spongebob audio.

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