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[Full Guide] How to Set GIF Wallpaper on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

HitPaw Online blog
Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-09-13


Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your wallpaper? In this scenario, a GIF wallpaper makes the perfect balance between an intensive video and HD static wallpaper. So why not try to set GIF wallpaper at least once?

But it is not easy to complete this task without proper guidance. Therefore, the below guide covers different ways to set GIF wallpaper on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone, along with converting videos to GIFs!

Part 1: How to Set GIF Wallpaper on Windows

Plastuer is a simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use software for Windows that does not only set GIF wallpaper but also videos and HTML5 to your PC. Using the Open-Source Chromium browser and WebGL technology, you will find it effortless to carry out the required function. Since it supports and detects multiple monitors after setting up, you have to choose the one that requires GIF wallpaper.

Plus, you are allowed to choose the wallpaper mode like Individual. Entering multiple URLs is easier than ever by using the Create Playlist feature. Along with that, it provides you with the gallery to select the specific GIF. Even you can adjust settings such as mouse input, keyboard input, full-screen option, and maximizing performance.

Plastuer Set a GIF Wallpaper on Windows

Here are the detailed steps to set GIF wallpaper on Windows using Plastuer:

  • 1

    The first step is about downloading and launching the software. Now, select a “Monitor” and “Mode” according to your demands.

  • 2

    Now, add a GIF URL to the required field. Otherwise, you can choose the option “Select File” to upload GIFs from your PC.

  • 3

    Next, you need to click “Disable Wallpaper” to remove the already existing wallpaper. You can also go to the “Settings” icon to make the desired adjustments. That’s all!

Part 2: How to Set GIF Wallpaper on Mac

Undoubtedly, there is a shortage of software to set GIF wallpaper on Mac. In this situation, the GIFPaper app proves to be a handy tool. It lets you change the Mac screen wallpaper to an animated GIF easily and quickly. Also, this app enables you to never compromise on the GIF quality unless its original quality is not compromised.

Furthermore, you can remove this application anytime and restart the system. Though it is a good application offering alpha quality, it does not take any responsibility for the damage that happens to your system while using it.

GIFPaper Set GIF Wallpaper on Mac

Let’s know the procedure for how to set GIF wallpaper on Mac through the GIFPaper app.

  • 1

    First of all, open the website URL, expand the “Code” drop-down menu and select “GIFPrefs.PrefPane.” From the “Preferences” window, extract and install the file. If there is any issue, open the “Security and Privacy” settings to enable the option of downloading apps from anywhere.

  • 2

    In case you don’t get your wallpaper changes, you need to open the folder where you extracted the GIFPapaerPrefs file and click GIFPaperAgent to open. All set to change the wallpaper.

  • 3

    Next, you need to click “Disable Wallpaper” to remove the already existing wallpaper. You can also go to the “Settings” icon to make the desired adjustments. That’s all!

Part 3: How to Set GIF Wallpaper on Android

GIF Live Wallpaper is considered an outstanding choice for Android users. It offers myriad options to help you achieve the desired goal. You can easily upload your GIF from downloads and resize it as per the aspect ratio of your screen. Even it is possible to either centralize or change the background color of your GIF.

Moreover, you are allowed to have a landscape preview and use it if it suits you. What makes this app outstanding is its property to rotate and change the playback speed o your GIF. Last but not least, you can undo changes whenever it’s required.

Set GIF Live Wallpaper on Android

Here is the complete tutorial on how to set GIF wallpaper on Android via GIF Live Wallpaper:

  • 1

    Open the Play Store on your Android phone, search for the required app, install, and then open it. Also, open any GIF website and download the desired GIF you want to set on your phone screen.

  • 2

    Secondly, click on the interface to browse and upload the GIF. Now, tap and drag the GIF to resize it per your needs.

  • 3

    Now, change the background color, mode, and more. Once you have made all the changes in every perspective, confirm them, and you are all done!

Part 4: How to Set GIF Wallpaper on iPhone

Though some apps are available to set GIF wallpaper on iPhone, it also offers the live Photos feature itself. The only thing you need to do is to look for an eye-catching wallpaper and save it on your phone beforehand. Later it is possible to move and scale the GIF to a position.

In addition, iPhone does not affect the GIF quality while setting it to your screen, but you are supposed to find and download a good quality GIF. Even you are open to using any website on Safari or making your HD GIF according to your needs.

Set GIF Wallpaper on iPhone

Let’s consider the step-by-step process for how to set GIF wallpaper on iPhone:

  • 1

    The first step involves opening any website on Safari that offers GIFs like Giphy. Search for a cool GIF wallpaper and save it to your iPhone as live wallpaper.

  • 2

    Next, you need to expand iPhone “Settings,” click “Wallpaper, “Choose a New Wallpaper,” and then “Live Photos.”

  • 3

    Now, look for the downloaded GIF, select it, move & scale it, and then hit the “Set” button. That’s all!

Extra Tips: Where to Find Cool GIF Wallpapers & How to Convert Video to GIF

Several ways are available to find cool GIF wallpapers to make your screens look more fabulous than ever. For example, Giphy, Tenor, Reddit, Pinterest, and other websites offer a wide range of catchy GIFs. But sometimes, you may have attractive videos which you want to get in the form of GIFs. In this scenario, the video to GIF conversion is required. And among all other software, the HitPaw Online Video to GIF proves to be the most efficient one.

It is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and web-based software to help you with conversion. Since it supports multiple formats like MKV, FLV, TS, VOB, M4V, etc., you can convert any type of video to GIF. The conversion will be quick and without any quality loss. Plus, it lets you change your video settings, like frame rate and resolution.

You can trim the video length before converting it to GIF. Furthermore, it offers advanced security for your data protection. You are also allowed to drag and drop your video file at ease. Even if it’s online, you won’t face any ads on the interface and limitations.

hitpaw online video to gif


  • A free, simple, and intuitive interface
  • Offer the converted watermark free GIFs
  • Never comprise on the output quality
  • Convert video to GIF without any hassle
  • Support only three steps of conversion
  • Let you set the start and end times of the GIF

Here is the process to convert video to GIF with HitPaw Online Video to GIF converter:

Step 01 First of all, you need to open HitPaw Online Video to GIF on your browser. Now, click “Convert Now” to get on to the new interface. Also, you have to press the “Choose File” button to upload the video that needs to be converted to GIF.

Step 1 to HitPaw Video to GIF Wallpaper

Step 02 Secondly, you must set the start and end timer or trim the video using side handles. Also, choose the desired output frame rate and resolution.

Step 2 to HitPaw Video to GIF Wallpaper

Step 03 Once you are done with settings, click “Create GIF,” and after processing, hit the “Download GIF” button. You are all done!

Step 3 to HitPaw Video to GIF Wallpaper


That is all you need to set up a GIF wallpaper on different devices; however, your system must be rich in resources. The animated GIF wallpapers take extra resources to be displayed on your screens all the time. The adequate system memory and capable graphics can help you with that.

The above write-up introduces you to four different methods for each device so that you can opt for one per your system requirements. In this situation, you can’t only find cool GIF wallpapers but also use HitPaw Online Video to GIF to convert your favorite videos to HD GIFs!

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