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How to Remover Background in Adobe After Effects

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-10-21

Adobe After Effects is a piece of software that allows you to create special effects and motion graphics for use in artwork, web content, and videos. Adobe after effects remove background professionally. We will discuss how to remove the black background in after effects and how to remove the white background in after effects.

Part 1: How to Remove Blackground from Video in After Effects

When working on complicated video projects in After Effects, having the ability to publish particular video parts with a transparent background is a must-have feature.

What is the reason behind this? To put it another way, a transparent background motion graphic may be readily overlaid on top of other video components and blended into the overall scene. This is particularly useful for graphic logos and specific visual effects elements such as fire or rain. Each part may be created independently, exported with a background, and then layered into your final creation.

Transparent background file format is wonderful! You may not only customise these video files with your own background, but you can also use them as effects in your film and remove background. Jump into our step-by-step method to Remove background After Effects Videos to learn how to remove video background in after effects.

To learn how to remove background in Adobe After Effects, we've put up a short and easy instruction. Here are the step-by-step guide below:

Step 01Launch After Effects and upload the video you want to remove background. It will remove all the dark pixels in your scene in order of brightness. So, if your material needs to have dark elements, you may need to mask certain areas and then key them. Adding levels and curves effects without adjusting anything is recommended.

remove bg in after effects

Step 02In the Portfolio panel, navigate to the Shift Channel effect and drag it to the parts you want to key. You can also use this effect for adjustment layers.

remove video background after effects

Step 03Change the "Take Alpha From" checkbox to "Luminance" in the shift channels effect, and you can see your shot being keyed out. If not, head to the bottom of the composition panel and enable the "Transparent Grid" option with the toggle on the right.

remove video background

Step 04Using the level and curve effects, continue adjusting until you're satisfied. You can also try different curves and level variations and choose the one you like best.

remove background from video

To be honest, removing the video background in After Effect is very effective, but it is very difficult to operate. Therefore, we will introduce two online tools to remove images and videos in one click. You will find that removing backgrounds doesn't have to be done in After Effect, now there are two easy-to-use tools to help you.

Part 2: 2 Easy Ways to Get Rid of the Background from Photos And Video

Have you ever felt the urge to remove a dingy background that was otherwise ruining an otherwise flawless image? And all of this while on the move. Yes, you had to have. So, we will present you two online tools to remove backgrounds from pictures and videos respectively.

1. HitPaw Online Background Remover

This sophisticated tool, created by HitPaw, is equipped with incredibly complex algorithms for removing the background without affecting the picture quality. With only a few clicks, it has become a popular choice for both novices and pros to make the background of any picture or logo transparent.

If you want only object of the picture but not the background, use this online tool to remove black background. Above we discussed how to remove black background in after effects.

Follow the step to Remove Background Free in HitPaw Online Background Remover

Step 01Go to the official HitPaw website of HitPaw Online Background Remover.

online background remover

Step 02In the Portfolio panel, navigate to the Shift Channel effect and drag it to the parts you want to key. You can also use this effect for adjustment layers.

remove photo background online

Step 03Select "remove background" from the drop-down menu. The procedure is about to start.

remove photo background

Step 04Select "Download" from the drop-down menu. You may also utilise the edit option to tailor the result to your specific requirements, as well as view the outcome.

2. Unscreen Extension

Background-free video used to necessitate complicated and time-consuming procedures such as chroma keying and greenscreens. You may record your film anywhere and then remove the background using Unscreen. How to remove transparent background in After Effects is another thing you should know. It works, but this extension makes it easier for you.

Unscreen Extension will give you high quality result.

remove background from video
  • You can add a background of your choice completely automatically and for free.
  • You can also use a simple coloured background.
  • It also has a pro version which has more amazing functions.
  • Its free version can only work for 10 sec videos and contain visible watermark.
  • In free version the you can download the video in 360p resolutions.


We'll go through how to remove background in After Effects in this post. We discuss background removal tools that are available online. After Effects is used to eliminate the backdrop and its functionality. We offer HitPaw Online Background Remover as the finest available alternative. how to get rid of obnoxious audio from your videos Using the easiest freeware, Hitpaw Online Mute video, you may mute your videos.

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