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How to Make A PNG Background Transparent Online

Having a photo with a transparent background is vital, as you can only upload photos on your website with a relevant background. PNG is considered the best image file format, especially if you intend to make a photo's background transparent, as this format ensures that the photo doesn't lose the original quality.

Unfortunately, you won't see such a thing with JPG file format, so looking for a transparent background PNG tool is the best option. This guide will show you how to make your PNG photo's background transparent.

Editor's Pick: Easy And Fast Online PNG Transparent Background Maker

Are you looking for the transparent background Santa Hat PNG? HitPaw Online Background Remover is a brilliant online background remover that stimulates erasing the background or logo from the photos without even needing to install the software. It is a remarkable tool that offers a simple user, so if you're new to photo editing, HitPaw Online Background Remover is something you should look at.

Despite being a free online tool that allows you to professionally remove the background from an image, HitPaw Online Background Remover will ensure that the photo doesn't lose even a tiny bit of resolution.

Main Feature of HitPaw Online Background Remover

  • Makes you to access the PNG with transparent background within a few clicks
  • Ads or watermark-free
  • It supports multiple operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.
  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Constantly updated features
  • Comes up with the high-level security
  • Mind-blowing technical support
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How to make the PNG transparent background using HitPaw Online?

  • 1.Visit the official HitPaw Online Background Remover website by using any web browser. Next, select the photo you'd like to make the background transparent and then import that photo into the main interface of this tool.

    png maker
  • 2.Tap on the ''Remove Background'' icon to remove the background from your photo. After erasing the photo's background and making it transparent, you can click Edit button to adjust the background-size and scale.

    free png maker
  • 3.Choose one background it provided. If you're satisfied without the outcome of the PNG photo, tap on the '' Download'' icon.

    online png maker
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Part 2: More Useful Tips About PNG Transparent Background

Q1. Can PNG be transparent?

A1. A PNG or Portable Network Graphic comes up with lossless compression, meaning it will retain the original resolution when you compress the PNG photos. Luckily, PNG files also support transparency and opacity. The good thing is that PNG photos might contain a transparent background and when you make the PNG photos' background transparent, the photos won't lose the resolution. Hence, PNG is the go-to file format for designers who intend to make the background of photos transparent. Suppose you're also searching for a way to make your PNG background transparent. In that case, you can look at the HitPaw Online Background Remover, which empowers you to make the image's background transparent effortlessly.

Q2. Why do we need to convert jpg to png transparent background?

A2. JPG is the most popular image file format, and almost everyone intends to store their photos in this format. Despite JPG being a popular format, it doesn't support transparent backgrounds. It means when you compress the JPG files, they will lose the image quality. If you intend to delete the background of a photo, making it transparent, it is wise to convert the JPG image into PNG. After turning the JPG to PNG, you can erase the background of a photo without tinkering with the photo quality.

Q3. How can I make the PNG background transparent online?

A3. If you want to make your PNG background transparent and can't install the software to serve your purpose, there will only be a better online tool than HitPaw Online Background Remover. Despite being an online tool, HitPaw Online Background Remover will ensure that the photo you're looking to remove the background doesn't lose the image quality. Using this online tool is way too easy; you only need to visit the official website of HitPaw Online Background Remover and let the tool do the rest.

Part 3: How to Make Transparent PNG Background in Photoshop

If you need to learn how to edit PNG to have a transparent background, Photoshop might be an appropriate gig for you. Using Photoshop, you can convert the JPG images to transparent background heart PNG.

Photoshop has considered one the most professional photo editing tool going around that can help you edit photos in any manner you'd want

The interface of this tool might be difficult for beginners as it comes up with detailed and advanced methods to edit photos.

Here's how to make your background transparent.

Suppose you're looking to make the photo having a logo with colored background transparent; you'll need to convert the image into PNG format.

  • 1.Visit the official website of Adobe Photoshop and download the software from there. Next, install the software on your PC, and save time before launching Adobe Photoshop. Later, import the photo you'd like to make the background transparent.

    remove background in photoshop
  • 2.In this phase, you'll need a transparent layer. To do it, select the New Layer icon after selecting the Layer icon.

    remove background in ps
  • 3.The new layer you create should be transparent. Next, select the content layer after dragging the new layer below the image's layer.

  • 4.Use the lasso or magic wand tool and select the area you want to make transparent from the photo. You can rely on a tolerance setting of 32 to get the desired results. You might also experiment with settings to make things look good for you.

    photoshop remove background
  • 5.Next, please tap the Delete button to help you remove the background and replace it with a white and grey checkered background.

    png editor
  • 6.Click the ''Save As'' icon after hitting the ''File'' option. Next, choose PNG as your destination image format. Remember that transparency might be checkered in Photoshop, but when the final PNG files come, it will all look good and transparent. After opting for the transparent background angel wings PNG, you can upload the photo to your website or can for any purpose you'd like.

    export png in photoshop

Photoshop might be many people's go-to photo editing tool when making a PNG photo background, but it offers a slick user interface.

You'll need to acquire prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to edit the photo. Thus, the simplest way to make your image background transparent is HitPaw Video Converter. It allows you to serve your purpose in a few moments.

Final Thoughts

Opting for the transparent PNG background has become easy, courtesy of this insightful guide. We've revealed a couple of excellent ways to help you make your photos background transparent without tinkering with the resolution of your photos.

Of the two methods we've mentioned, HitPaw Online Background Remover is the easiest and best way to erase the background of an image. It would help if you didn't wait before acquiring HitPaw Online Background Remover services.

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