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Best 8 Photo Enhancers Online in 2024

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-02-23

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High-quality photos are a crucial element of this digital world. Though the UHD capturing devices provide you with the best photo results, you might not have access to such devices. Also, you might receive or download pictures that are low in pixels.

These blurry photos won’t make a mark in the world that is also having a phase shift to the metaverse. Even these are unable to boost the engagement rate on social media platforms.

Since the manual enhancement of the photos takes a lot of time without assuring the desired results, the solution is to go for some efficient HD photo enhancer online; however, the selection must be done with utmost care. They will assist you in efficiently improving the image quality!

Part 1: Why We Need Photo Enhancers Online

Undoubtedly, blurry images are useless for social media websites and personal usage. It’s because no one demands low-resolution images. Therefore, it has become a need to enhance photos before personal or social sharing. This includes increasing the image resolution with the removal of blur/noise and the sharpness of colors.

Though the market is brimming with multiple photo clarity enhancer online, people prefer choosing online tools. The reason lies in their easy accessibility and straightforward functioning. However, it may give rise to problems that can be solved with efficient AI software to make the image enhancement smoother than you think.

Let’s check the below review of the 8 HD photo enhancer online to make the selection process easier for you!

Part 2: 2024 Update - The Best 8 Photo Enhancers Online

In case you prefer online tools over offline, the below 8 best online photo enhancer will be your ultimate solution!

Tool 1. Canva

People who take a deep interest in social media platforms will already be aware of this famous application, Canva. Besides being one of the best online photo enhancer, it also offers countless valuable features related to images. Turning your simple snaps into HD social media posts, posters, invitations, and cards became easier than you think. You can’t only adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and sharpness but also apply multiple tints and effects.

Canva Online Photo Color Enhancer


  • Offer 100+ design types and 8000+ templates in the free version
  • Let you use the smart selectors and clone brushes
  • Wide range of compatibility


  • Sometimes, it does not save the design
  • Limited editing features

Tool 2. Pixlr E

Regarding the best photo editing and design tool, Pixlr is counted among the top tools. However, it can be used as the best photo enhancer online. You can enhance blurry photos by changing the sharpness and saturation level along with applying the vignette frames and tints. Moreover, touching up the tool and using the desired effects is effortless. Even you can remove the background if required.

Pixlr E Online Photo Pixel Enhancer


  • Accessible via the mobile application
  • Offer complex editing with advanced tools
  • Add text overlays, borders, and stickers


  • Not versatile in export formats, only JPG and PNG
  • A bit complex to use

Tool 3. PiZap Photo Editor

PiZap Online Photo HD Enhancer


  • Offer a wide range of templates for editing
  • Synchronize with Device, Dropbox, and Facebook
  • Let you fix the image manually using the basic settings


  • Require sign-up for processing
  • Bombarded with display ads

Tool 4. Befunky

Befunky is a free, one-click editing tool that helps you enhance online photo brightness with its auto enhancer feature. It offers a fantastic and extensive range of features, including multiple effects, graphics, artsy, and texture. Even you can add the text, frames, and overlays if required. Last but not least, you must never miss its touch-up feature assists you in perfect photo face enhancement.

Befunky Online Photo Enhancer


  • Easy to use and learn for beginners
  • Let you complete the tasks in batches
  • Save the projects in the cloud


  • Add a watermark in the free version
  • Limited to a few popular features

Tool 5. PhotoPea

PhotoPea is a full-fledged photo editor that professionals often use. While making it work as a professional photo enhancer online, you can easily import the images from the shared Drive, Dropbox, and more. If you have captured the shoots in RAW format, it allows you to edit these efficiently. Even you can adjust the image and canvas size. Most importantly, PhotoPea offers the features of auto-tone, color, and contrast.

PhotoPea Online Photo Enhancer Software


  • Support multiple unique formats like PSD, PDF, RAW, etc.
  • Let you work with the masks and layers
  • Offer color balance and hue/saturation features


  • You may face bugs issues sometimes
  • Not suitable for the non-technical users

Tool 6. Fotor

Considering the best one-tap image enhancer online with a simple and clean interface, Fotor is just amazing. It provides you with various helpful tools to perform the tasks easily and also at a quick speed. You can use its super-enlarger resolution feature to get high-quality image results. Even it is possible to cut out the background if required. Besides, it allows you to enhance the photo brightness and color ideally.

Fotor Online Photo Enhancer Professional


  • Carry out the batch editing function
  • Offer the advanced edits in the simplest possible way
  • Support the Linear/circular Blur of the photo if required


  • The interface is full of ads
  • Limited functionality in free mode

Tool 7. Photojet

Photojet photo enhancer online aids in satisfying all your image correction needs. As far as the image sharpness, color, and light is concerned, this online tool is a one-click solution to all your problems. It works to get high-quality results in the minimum possible time. Even you can easily and quickly fix the dull colors of several images. Last but not least, it is possible to add overlays, text, clipart, and frames.

Photojet Photo Clarity Enhancer Online


  • Offer chromatic, vintage, and many other amazing effects
  • Let you add the selective radial/gradient filter
  • Focus, dehaze, and denoise efficiently


  • Advanced features are available in the pro version
  • Ads may distract you from working properly

Tool 8. Enhance.Pho.to

Enhance.Pho.to is a free and online blurred photo enhancer tool that assists you in fixing the image sharpness, color, and saturation. Also, it is good for quickly removing the red-eye effect and creating noise-less photos. Besides the instant fix tool, you are also allowed to apply the fun effects and face retouch features as per your requirements. Even you can adjust the highlights and shadows with its “Exposure” tool.

Enhance.Pho.to Blurred Photo Enhancer Tool


  • Denoise and deblur the photos
  • Crop, resize, and rotate the image
  • Offer almost 300+ stickers, 30+ frames, and 20 fonts style


  • Not a user-friendly interface
  • The output images don’t look natural

Part 3: Ultimate Solution - HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Are you searching for a photo enhancer to get rid of all the issues related to online tools? If yes, HitPaw Photo Enhancer will work perfectly for you. Its unique features are because of the latest AI technology. It provides you with a total of four AI models, including General Model, Denoise Model, Face Model, and Colorize Model. You are allowed to choose any based on your image requirements. Even it is possible to zoom in or out of the image if required. Last but not least, you can preview the photo enhancement results before exporting.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Here are some additional features of this software:

  • Offer a simple and intuitive interface
  • Auto enhancer and AI upscaler
  • Remove noise from the cartoon images
  • Support the black and white photo colorization
  • Allow you to enhance images in batches with high-quality results

Let’s learn how to make the most out of HitPaw Photo Enhancer:

Step 01 The first step involves downloading and installing this software on your PC. After opening, click “Choose Images” to upload the low-quality image.

Step 1 to HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Step 02 In the next step, choose any of the available enhancement options based on your uploaded photo. Also, click “Preview” before exporting.

Step 2 to HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Step 03 Finally, hit the “Export” button from the right-side menu bar. You are all done!

Step 3 to HitPaw Photo Enhancer


Each technological advancement is directly linked with improving the user experience. And if an image is not appealing to your eyes, no one will ever pay attention to it. So why share such a photo that no longer fulfills your desired goal. You decide to either choose an online photo enhancer or offline. However, the recommendation of HitPaw Photo Enhancer is based on its proficient functioning and AI algorithms that help you overcome the issues associated with online tools. In the end, you will get the best output image quality.

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