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Best 8 YouTube Video Clippers Online in 2024

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Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-02-23

#YouYube Clipper Online

YouTube is a growing social networking platform with 1.9 billion users, increasing daily. Almost 500 hours of videos are being uploaded after a minute. Keeping these stats in mind, watching your favorite YouTube videos has become an important hobby for everyone. Simply, no one can avoid the usability of these videos since they offer all types of content, i.e., educational, informative, and entertaining.

Using this platform paves the way to downloading and then editing. You may have to save or share a small part with your friends or family instead of the complete video. The situation demands cutting or trimming the video, which is possible only with an efficient video clipper online. So let's learn about its details below!

Part 1: Why Choose YouTube Video Clippers Online

The best features of the online tools include their support for all devices and working free of charge. Plus, you won't have to go through the headache of installation. So they can be used any time, without any data, errors, or bugs issues. You can perform the required function quickly, whether you are a beginner or a professional video creator. Therefore, making clips has become easier than ever.

Though YouTube provides you with the built-in video clipper, you may need to use the other features as well. To help you in this scenario, the top 8 YouTube video clippers online have been offered, along with advanced desktop software. Let's explore their details and pick the one that feels good to you!

Part 2: Editor's Pick - The First Choice of YouTube Video Clippers Online

Regarding the best and most efficient online video clippers for YouTube, HitPaw Online Video Cutter stays at the top. Why so? The reason is its good combination of user-friendly interface, smooth & efficient processing, and high-level security. In the end, you will get the best video quality results at a quick rate.

Not only this, but you can also play the clips at ease with its built-in media player. Also, you are allowed to use a sample for practice. Even it provides you with a new smart cut feature to get the desired video results.

HitPaw Online YouTube Clipper

Here is to focus on some fantastic features of the HitPaw Online Video Cutter:

  • Offer an ads and limitation free online tool
  • Support formats like MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Let you use the silence sensitivity option
  • Fast forwarding and rewinding function

Let's follow these steps to make this tool work as a YouTube video clipper online:

Step 01 Open this tool website, click "Cut Video Now," and then "Choose a file" to upload the downloaded YouTube video.

Step 1 to HitPaw Online Video Cutter Clipper

Step 02 Next, hold and place the handle to the start position of your clip. Now, adjust the selected portion by using the cutting handles that will be deleted. Repeat the process to select all the parts that need to be cut.

Step 2 to HitPaw Online Video Cutter Clipper

Step 03 Finally, press the "Export" tab to start processing, and when it's done, hit the "Download" button. That's all!

Step 3 to HitPaw Online Video Cutter Clipper

New Feature: Smart Cut

A new Smart Cut feature has been introduced in the recently updated version of the HitPaw video cutter online tool. It is a one-click solution to remove silences from your videos. It's always time-consuming and exhausting to manually select all the video parts with either no audio or less volume.

To help you eliminate this challenge, this Smart Cut tool automatically detects the silent parts with AI algorithms and precisely removes them in a snap. After detection, you can adjust the parts manually if required to get better results. It's a silence-sensitive tool, so the video is of low volume wherever the sensitivity is high.

Still a bit confusing about the feature? Click the Video Down below to Know more about Smart Cut!

Part 3: Updated: Hot YouTube Video Clippers Online in 2024

Besides HitPaw Online Video Cutter, there are also some other hot YouTube video clippers in the market. Let's discuss them one by one!


VEED.IO has a clean and attractive interface that helps you create stunning video clips by working as a YouTube clipper online. Besides uploading a video via YouTube URL, you can also import the files via local storage for processing. It lets you select the frames by using the handles which need to be trimmed so you will be left with the desired video clip. Along with offering the split function, you can add the voice-over and adjust the volume if required.

VEED.IO YouTube Video Clipper Online


  • Offer stock videos to practice if required
  • Add media, subtitles, text, elements, etc.
  • Support the green screen and color correction features


  • Selecting time frames is a bit difficult for beginners
  • It can take hours to insert subtitles

Trim YouTube Clipper

Regarding the simple and elegant online tool that allows you to clip YouTube videos online, Trim YouTube Clipper online is the best one. You can either select the output video part manually or by entering the start & end time of the video. It helps you to get the best quality output results at a fast processing rate. Moreover, your videos are secure, so you don't need to worry about your data.

Trim YouTube Clipper Online


  • Fast and efficient working to create video clips
  • Offer the built-in tool to display the videos
  • Support up to 1080P resolution, even 2K and 4K in some case


  • Sometimes no offered link works
  • For large videos, the processing may slow down


Kapwing is another exciting program with which you can clip a YouTube video online. It allows you to trim, crop, and split the video effortlessly. Besides the manual cutting process, you can also use its Smart Cut feature to remove silences, the Find Scenes to delete subtle scenes, and the Clean Audio function to remove the background noise. Additionally, it is easier to transcribe the videos if required.

Kapwing YouTube Online Clipper


  • Support better compression and full HD resolution
  • Cut and trim the videos to the perfect length clips
  • Let you choose the aspect ratio before uploading


  • Require sign-in to collaborate with other members
  • Complex to understand for beginners


If you are looking for a full-fledged editing program that also works as a YouTube clipper online, Flixier must be your way to go. It aids you in trimming any type of video, including MP4, MKV, and more. Plus, it supports multiple video uploading options, i.e., Google Drive, Link, SoundCloud, Twitch, Webex, etc. Besides using its Cut tool, you can crop video, adjust the playback speed, and add effects & transitions to create an exciting clip.

Flixier YouTube Video Clipper Online


  • Works on advanced cloud-powered technology
  • Offer the automatic subtitles generation option


  • The beginners need a tutorial to start using its features
  • It may take 3 minutes to import or export videos


YTCutter is a straightforward online tool that can be used as a YouTube clipper. It enables you to extract the favorite or desired part of the video to share with others. Also, you are allowed to save the cropped video parts to your system. Even it offers a high cropping precision of 0.1 seconds along with exporting the clip as a video, audio, or animated GIF.

YTCutter Clip YouTube Video Online


  • Let you capture screenshots of the YouTube videos
  • Manually set the start and end times of clips


  • Sometimes the video freezes, turning the screen black
  • Audio may not get synchronized


Since its name implies, it is suitable for cutting videos to make highlights. So it means you can clip any YouTube video without any hassle. What you need to do is to only select the start and end point of the video part by using the recording button. However, you can enhance the video by adding stickers, text, and other elements. Last but not least, it lets you merge multiple video clips to get an exciting reel.

Hashcut Clip YouTube Online


  • A simple and user-friendly functioning
  • Offer the Chrome extension for easy accessibility
  • Let you share YouTube clips on sites like Twitter, Discord, etc.


  • It does not offer the high-quality output
  • The interface is a bit outdated


VideoCrops is a simple but amazing YouTube video clipper that also provides you with a good YouTube video-watching experience, along with subtitles. It carries out your task in only a few steps. Here, you only have to make the video crop selection with sliders and download it. Though it takes some time to process, you will get the video clip results in original quality.

VideoCrops Clip a YouTube Video Online


  • Suitable for the first-time users
  • Offer a three steps clip creation function


  • Only support the MP4 video format
  • The video cropping takes so long, sometimes crashes

Extra Tips: Advanced YouTube Video Clipper in 2024

Some people never go for online converters because they consider desktop software a credible, stable, and comprehensive solution. In this scenario, HitPaw Video Converter is the best one to opt for. You are allowed to download the videos from multiple platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and more. After downloading, you can easily merge, crop, cut, and trim videos, along with adding the watermarks. Even it is possible to change the output format, including the video quality and resolution.

HitPaw YouTube doenloader and clipper

Let's check the more unique features of this software:

  • Offer downloading, converting, and editing capabilities
  • Enable hardware acceleration for smooth functioning
  • Download audio, video, subtitles, and thumbnail
  • Support the processing of the files in batches
  • Let you choose the web and device-based presets
  • Keep the clips in the edited files folder

Here are the detailed steps to use the HitPaw Video Converter as a clip creator:

Step 01 First of all, you need to launch the software on your system. Now, choose the Download > Downloading category and click the "Paste URL" button. Make sure you have the copied YouTube URL on the clipboard. This will automatically start analyzing. After that, choose "Format" and click "Download."

Step 1 to HitPaw Video Converter Clip Creator

Step 02 When you are done downloading your file, open the "Downloaded" folder, where you will see a small "scissor" option to edit the videos. Open its drop-down menu and select "Add to convert list." A popup will appear where you have to press the "Yes" tab to proceed.

Step 2 to HitPaw Video Converter Clip Creator

Step 03 Finally, open the "Edit" and the "Editing" folder to access the file. Here, click the option of "Cut" on the right side to open a new window. Next, select the clips that you want to cut. After making all selections, delete the unnecessary clips from the right-side column, one by one. And once finished, hit the "Export" tab, and from the main menu, click "Export" again. That's all!

Step 3 to HitPaw Video Converter Clip Creator


THowever, you can also create clips from the already downloaded files by directly opening the editing category, adding the file, using the cut tool, and repeating the last step as it is.

HitPaw Video Converter Clip Creator


In case you are still confused about starting your clip creation, always remember that creating clips does not need any technical knowledge. You can do that even if you are a beginner. Just select the online tool that suits your demands and get started. To make it easier, you can go for choosing the HitPaw Online Video Cutter. And if you prefer desktop software, the HitPaw Video Converter is the best choice. Both of these tools offer easy processing, which takes little to no time.

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