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What is Picture Matting? How to Choose a Perfect Mat?

The simple trick to enhance your digital photo frame is to go for picture matting. A double mat offers personality to your picture; however, two to three mats can be used. Let's know how to choose a perfect mat!

What is Picture Matting?

Before walking into the tips of choosing the perfect mat for your picture, it's better to learn the details about picture matting. It is a technique to add a customized frame to your images. Matting can even be a border around your artwork. In contrast to traditional matting, digital matting is much easier and quicker.

Regarding its benefits, you can't only change the focal point with picture matting but also make the picture attractive and charming. It can be used to highlight color, increase size, and enhance a shape. The color and size are essential in this process to get the desired output look. Let's explore the top tips!

What is Picture Matting

How to Choose a Perfect Mat for Your Picture?

Once you decide to go for picture matting, the next step is to choose a perfect mat for your favorite pictures. Though the most important thing about a mat is picking the right color; however, some other details also must be considered. Let's focus on each aspect one by one!

1. Choosing the perfect color

Colors can be chosen in different ways. You can select the color based on dominant, contrasting, and neutral colors. Otherwise, choosing black & white or other specific attention-grabbing colors is possible.

The primary method is to opt for the most dominant color of the portrait or piece of artwork for the frame. It will help you change the focal point of the picture. However, a dominant but not the most dominant should be chosen for the accent or inner edge mat.

Picture Frame Mats Color

Contrasting color is beneficial if you want to make your art piece stand out. For a dark picture, go for the light mat color, and vice versa. If no additional emphasis is required, you must pick a cool neutral color. And lastly, black and white are good choices to add personality to your picture.

2. Increase depth, not the size

In case you want to increase the depth of the picture without increasing the mat size, adding mat layers is the best way to go. The outer mat layer is visible in framing, while other secondary layers get smaller. It will not only add up to the picture's depth but also enhances the colors with a unique look.

Picture Frame Matting Depth

3. Mat layers enhance the impact

It is said that mat layers enhance the overall appearance of the pictures. Even the process becomes easier to add one layer of bright color and another layer of contrasting or neutral color, thus enhancing the overall impact of the picture. You will be able to focus on the actual masterpiece in detail. The regular 2-4 inch mat border is fine.

Picture Mat Layers

4. Select the mat border carefully

This technique of adding multiple mat layers is highly beneficial when you want to highlight a color in the art without a full-color frame border. And for highlighting more than a color, three mat layers are good to go. The white-black-white triple mat layer looks modern and in demand.

Matting Border for Pictures

5. Focusing on dimensions

The dimensions of the picture mat must be solely based on your personal preferences, like what looks good to you. You can also play with the dimensions like double/triple mat layers or thick/thin layers to see how your picture appears and select the right picture mat at the end.

Picture Matting Dimensions

6. Protect your picture

While picture matting or framing an artwork, you must focus on the value of the particular object. If it is a decoration piece, you may use decor matting. It can either be metallic, suede, or cotton and can come in multiple colors & styles. You can opt for any as per your requirements; however, these may only be durable for a short period.

Protect Matted Picture Frames

So if you are preserving an irreplaceable or valuable picture, probably for a lifetime, the lignin-free or acid-free proves to be the best option.

Bonus: One-Click to Remove Watermark on Your Picture

Do you have a picture with a watermark? If yes, it will look better after using picture frame mats. So the better choice is to get rid of them firsthand by using a tool like HitPaw Photo Watermark Remover. Its superb technology will assist you in easily removing a watermark without requiring any advanced photo editing skills. Also, you will achieve quick processing and high-quality results.

More so, you can effortlessly remove the objects by picking the brush tool in the desired size. Even it helps you zoom and move the image if you face difficulty selecting the watermark. You can complete the task for free in only three steps. Last but not least, you can preview the real-time effects by turning on/off the original image option.

HitPaw Photo Watermark Remover


  • Remove the watermark from images with no sill required
  • Quickly remove logo, text, objects, stickers, and more
  • Support image formats like JPG, PNG, WebP, etc.
  • Provide multiple sample images to practice beforehand
  • Help you with the drag & drop feature to import files
  • Let you undo and redo the changes in a moment

How to quickly remove the watermark on your picture with HitPaw

  • Step 1. The first step requires opening the specific tool: HitPaw Photo Watermark Remover on your browser. Now, click the “Remove Now” button and head to the “Choose Image” section. Either tap, browse, and upload the desired image or pick a sample photo.

    Step 1 to HitPaw Online Image Watermark Removal
  • Step 2. Secondly, pick up the “Brush” tool, and choose “Brush Size.” Next, select the watermark or the object you want to remove. Also, you can adjust the other settings below the image if required.

    Step 2 to HitPaw Create Trending Filter Video
  • Step 3. From the following interface, you are supposed to enter your email address with your first & last name. After that, hit the “Synthesize Video” button, and wait for 20-30 minutes. You will receive an email with the animated video. That’s all!

    Step 3 to HitPaw Create Trending Filter Video


Picture matting is an ideal enhancement to your favorite pictures. It can transform your ordinary picture into an extraordinary one with a catchy impression. Even the purpose of choosing a perfect mat is to make your photo or artwork great. Use the tips recommended above to explore different widths, colors, and layers for perfection.

However, remove your picture with a watermark before matting with HitPaw Photo Watermark Remover. It ensures original quality with security while simple & quick processing. Let's try it once!

Remove Now!

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