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7 Best AI Tweet Generators for Tweeting Polishing

You came to this page, because you would like to find out more about the best AI tweet generator. Believe me, I understand the urge. After all, creating content and posting it on twitter is really not the hard part. The hard part is getting people's attention and holding it, while making an impact and engaging them. How do you make a noticeable impression on so many users with so many tweets every second? Here are the top 7 best ai tweet generators to give you a hand for tweeting polishing your content and impressing your audience.

Part 1: What is the AI Tweet Generator?

Hey, when it comes to Twitter, I guess you’re engaged to have a wonderful tweet experience, at least to have audience's attention, right? The AI Tweet Generator works by using AI technology to generate your favorite tweet based on what you're inputting. In the polishing process, you can select the tone of voice, and the topic, then click to generate a tweet which meet your demand.

Now, which one can suit your needs to post a interesting tweet? The below is the answer.

Part 2: The 7 Best AI Tweet Generators

While ChatGpt is a great tool for copywriting, it's not as good as those tools that specialize in AI-generated tweets so many years. Most of the AI tweet generators I recommend below are free trials in the early stage. Of course, when you encounter a suitable tool, you can choose to pay for it! After all, they can greatly help improve your efficiency. So, walk through the list to pick your favourite ai tweets generator!

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is the first choice when you’re Googling ai tweet generator. Why it’s so special? With the help pf 3M+Viral Tweets Library, AI-powered Writing and 4K+ staff-picked tweets, you can easily find your inspiration, then add your own twist, finally to schedule and repeat. That’s so easy to have a wow tweet, won’t you wanna give it a shot?


Here are some of its top features:

  • Generate ai tweets through tweet hunter, apart from create content
  • Plan your tweets and threads
  • Follow relevant tweets
  • Engage and respond to other Twitter users
  • Send DMs after users interact with your tweets
  • Auto-generated tweets powered by AI
  • More than that


TweetyAI automatically generates unique tweets based on your previous Twitter content. It analyzes your last 100 tweets and generates relevant future tweets that match your audience’s expectations.

generate ai tweets

Here are some of its top features:

  • Generates trending tweets for your selected location.
  • Save time by generating unlimited tweets in advance.
  • Download trending tweets in a CSV file.


Nichess can generate ai tweets from blog posts, to Facebook & Google Ads, business ideas, and even poems all in seconds. Also, the ai tweet generator is so simple and easy-to-use that you just need to pick a topic, and a tone that you need to convey, the rest things is at Nichess’s control.

ai tweet generator

Here are some of its top features:

  • Get access to endless tweet ideas in seconds
  • Make your own Twitter reports fast
  • Benefit from AI-powered idea and copy generator
  • And other functions to be found


Pallyy is an ai tweet generator to schedule and manage your social media content every day.

tweet generator ai

Here are some of its top features:

  • Plan your social media posts & grid from the start to finish.
  • Plan, create & schedule your social media posts in seconds.
  • Track and analyze your social media performance.
  • Manage all of your social media conversations in one inbox.
  • Ideal for teams and agencies


Mention enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media.

tweet ai generator

Here are some of its top features:

  • Monitor the media on the internet
  • Analyze what your competitors are doing
  • Make your brand work for you by managing it
  • Take the time to listen to your audience
  • Pilot your social channels
  • Have an edge to grow your agency


Tweetai is not complicated ai tweet generator tool, you just need to enter the home page, and then input your topic and username, then choose the tweet type and tone, you can get some inspirations.



Hyperwriteai is the last ai tweet generator that I want to recommend you. The first content you can see at the ai tweet generator is “Your personal AI writing assistant.” Indeed, based on the hundreds of powerful tools it has presented, what are you worrying about about tweet generating?


Not to mention that that tool generating ai tweets has been trusted by numerous users, why not give it a shot?

Here are some of its top features:

  • Generate copy, refine writing
  • Speed up the workflow from ides to final draft
  • Craft effective emails and messaging in seconds
  • Chat with the ai assistant, increase your productivity

Extra Tip: How to Create A Tweet Portrait Picture

If you want to find a tool that can quickly beautify your Twitter profile picture or tweet picture, then you can try HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer. Don't worry if you haven't used related tools before, you can try to use the pictures we provide, and then optimize your own pictures; don't worry about language barriers, just search HitPaw to find your corresponding regional language website. Now you only need to click on the URL to fully experience HitPaw's online image enhancer!


As what we can see from the photo enhancer product, there’re four main models in HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer.
  • Face model--choose the soft effect or sharp one, and make your tweet generating more attractive.
  • General mode--help the landscapes, buildings, animals, flowers be more clear, then your readers will find it easy to recognize the landscape in your tweets.
  • Denoise model--find your favorite cartoon characteristics get so close to reality. Sometimes, we need the cartoons to express some ideas in our AI tweet generator, it's a great way to polish the words.
  • Colorize model--transform the old pictures into vivid memeory. You know, history loads much, especially about who we love, so use the model will add color to your tweets.


  • 1.First, launch the HitPaw Online Enhancer.

    Enhance Now!
  • 2.To try one of these images that HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer has provided, or load the photo you wish to polish to help generate ai tweets, clck "Choos Image" at this time.

    twitter ai tweet generator
  • 3.Then, choose the effect that you desire for. And click the "preview" to see the result.

    generate tweets with ai
  • 4.Then, choose the effect that you desire for. And click the "preview" to see the result.

    free ai tweet generator

Hope you have a nice journey to improve the pictures used in your ai tweet generator.  

Final Thought

It comes to the end, except for the ai tweet generators mentioned above, HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer not only can optimize your tweet pictures, making the entire page look neat and beautiful, but it can also help you process your tweet photo to achieve the effect you want. Why you’re waiting , try ai generator tweets right now!

Enhance Now!

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