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TOP 6 Ways to Add Black Background Online for FREE in 2024

The market offers a lot of online background changers. However, only some are efficient and can be used for free. After exploring multiple ones, below is a list of the top 6 ways to add a black background online for free. Let’s dig into their details!

1. One-Click to Add Black Background: HitPaw Online Background Remover

If you are searching for a quick but efficient method to add a black background to your photo, HitPaw Online Background Remover is the ultimate choice. You can change the background of profile pictures, people, ads, products, social media copies, etc. So it helps you make transparent backgrounds and customize their texture per your needs. Even you won’t have to experience the compromised quality of the image.

It lets you effortlessly switch between the original and processed image whenever you want. Besides adding solid colors like black, you can upload the graphics as a background while editing. Lastly, performing batch processing is supported to save time and effort.

  • Offer a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly interface
  • Available on browser, Google Play, and App Store
  • Provide you with several sample images for practice
  • Remove the photo background in only one click
  • Add a black background to multiple images at once
  • Help you edit the picture on an advanced level

Below is a tutorial on how to add a black background with HitPaw Online Background Remover:

  • Step 1.In the first step, open HitPaw Online Background Remover and tap the “Remove Now” button to get to the main interface.

    Step 1 to HitPaw Background Remover Black Background
  • Step 2.Now, you need to click “Choose Images” to browse and select the desired image to upload. You can also upload multiple images at once.

    Step 2 to HitPaw Background Remover Black Background
  • Step 3.Once uploaded, tap the “Black” color under the “Color” section from the “Background” column. After that, hit “Download,” and you are all done!

    Step 3 to HitPaw Background Remover Black Background

2. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is a superb online tool that helps you add a black background to your photos using advanced algorithms. It makes sure that the quality of your photos won’t be affected. Also, you can blur the background in seven different ways. Even adding black texture background or inserting filters is in your control.

In addition, you are allowed to change the opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation, and other aspects of the image or background. Lastly, it is possible to use instant backgrounds for your images to shine more.

PhotoRoom Plain Black Background

  • Step 1. The first step involves opening the website of PhotoRoom.

  • Step 2. Next, click “Start from Photo” from the main interface and choose the image.

  • Step 3. Once the black background appears, you need to hit “Download.” That’s all!

  • Help you insert your text in a lot of styles
  • Provide you with various background templates
  • Let you add shapes, frames, social media icons, etc.
  • Require you an account to store your work
  • Leave a PhotoRoom logo on the processed photos

3. PicWish

Another online tool to add a black background to your images is by PicWish. Though it assists you in easy and fast background removal for free, you can use it more than a background remover. It helps you broaden your creativity by allowing you to add whatever you want, i.e., a pre-designed template, solid plain color, or a customized background.

Using specific brushes, you can also keep or erase a particular part of the picture. Even it is possible to compare the original image with the processed one if required.

PicWish Solid Black Background

  • Step 1. The first step involves clicking “Upload Image” or one of the sample images to start processing.

  • Step 2. After that, tap “Edit” for advanced tools. Here, expand the “Background” section from the top menu.

  • Step 3. From the side column under “Colors,” select a solid black color. Lastly, press the “Download” tab, and all done!

  • Work on Google Play, App Store, and Windows
  • Give you an API to speed up your workflow in a snap
  • Offer three image types, i.e., graphic, portrait, product
  • The bulk processing is for the app or desktop users
  • Unable to sync the app and web using the cloud

4. Fotor

Fotor is a comprehensive online photo editing platform offering a background changer. With this tool, you can add a plain black background to all photos with a click. Also, it aids you in optimizing the images and maximizing their appearance. You will always get perfect results even if your picture contains fine objects like fur or hair.

Moreover, you can avail yourself of its creative library to add a customized, patterned, or textured background. Its advanced editing features also allow adding text, stickers, and other elements.

Fotor Add Black Background Wallpaper

  • Step 1. After opening the website, head to “Add Black Background.” Now, click “Upload Image” or use a sample picture.

  • Step 2. Secondly, you have to go to the “Change Background” column on the right-hand side and pick the black color.

  • Step 3. Once the background color gets changed, press the “Download” button, choose the “HD Image” option, and hit “Download.” That’s all!

  • Require no editing skills to work
  • Provide you with three sample images to use
  • Offer erase, restore, and blur background function
  • Unable to save the progress automatically
  • The text overlays aren’t up to the mark

5. Media.io

If you are looking for a perfect online HD photo background changer, Media.io must be your way to go. Besides putting an image or plain black background, it lets you add different colors of your choice. You can enjoy full customization to create the desired output.

Also, the functioning is easy, quick, and flawless, so beginners won’t have to face any difficulty. Even you can resize your image according to the social media platform you want to post it on. Lastly, it is possible to use the sample images for practicing beforehand.

Media.io Add Black and White Background

  • Step 1. Firstly, open the website, and tap “Upload Files Now” for the main interface. Use the drag-and-drop feature to import your picture.

  • Step 2. Next, press the “Background” tab from the right side column. Later, choose the black color under the “color background.”

  • Step 3. Finally, press the “Download” tab and select “Standard Quality.” You are all done!

  • Let you adjust the shadow and opacity
  • Fine-tune your photos after background removal
  • Take a couple of seconds to add a black background
  • Restrict you to download HD output for free
  • Sometimes, it may take multiple attempts for a task

6. Slazzer

The last one on the list of background-changing tools is Slazzer. It helps you add a black background to your image by removing the background first. The processing will be free, quick, and automatic. You can’t only erase the unnecessary objects using its Paint/Erase feature but also restore the image.

Furthermore, it assists you in uploading an image from the system for the background. Otherwise, choosing a background preset is also possible. Last but not least, you can blur the background in different styles if required.

Slazzer Add Red and Black Background

  • Step 1. Open the tool on your browser and press “Upload Image.” Browse and import the desired image.

  • Step 2. Once the processing is finished, you need to click the “Edit” button and select “Edit Preview.”

  • Step 3. Lastly, choose the “Select Color” option and the black color. Hit “Download,” and that’s all!

  • Work over advanced computer vision algorithms
  • Replace background easily within seconds
  • Delete processed images after 30 minutes
  • Always require credits for editing HD images
  • The customer support is not so good


After exploring the above content, you will learn about the 6 unique ways to add a black background. For the basic task, you can go for the free services, but some tools also offer advanced functionalities if required. Though opting for a suitable tool is challenging, you can opt for the one that suits your needs.

In addition, the most recommended one is HitPaw Online Background Remover. It lets you add a black background without any hassle. Also, the processing will be quick without affecting the original picture quality. So why not give it a try?

Add Black Background Now!

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