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5 Best Character Profile Makers with Detailed Templates

A character profile is a comprehensive biography of a realistic or fictitious character. It’s all about displaying the age, appearance, and other elements of the character to show their life, motivation, personality, flaws, goals, and story function. But do you find difficulty in creating a character profile from zero? Don’t worry!

You can use various character profile makers that offer a list of character profiling template. Indeed, these will facilitate you to bring out an amazing result. Here are the details!

Part 1: Top 5 Character Profile Makers with Detailed Templates

You may have to add an ideal character to your upcoming story or video project. Also, some brands need to represent ideas, campaigns, and core values with characters. Whatever the reason is, creating a character profile is essential. However, it gets difficult to start making one from scratch, especially for beginners.

Here, an efficient character profile generator comes in handy. This article covers the 5 leading tools to help you. So let’s dive into their details!


Evernote is a fantastic tool that assists storytellers and writers in creating a character profile that can be saved as notes. You can develop realistic characters with behavior, backstory, personalities, and motivations for your screenplays, novels, and scripts. Also, it provides you with a wide range of templates available in different categories, i.e., small business, event & holiday planning, career, and more.

Though these templates cover only the basic aspects, you can add in-depth details to the list like occupation, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Even it lets you do editing of the character profile by changing the background color of the cells, aligning content, and setting the width.

  • Let you access & edit your character profiles anywhere
  • Offer various questions and prompts to brainstorm ideas
  • Help you create compelling and realistic characters
character profile example

Story Planner

If you are interested in making a well-rounded and convincing character profile, Story Planner is the best solution. It aids you in organizing all the relevant information about your characters, such as motivations, personality traits, background, relationships, etc. Also, you will get prompts like proud moment and the biggest fear of the character. It uncovers unique aspects, thus letting you dig into the character for a nuanced and detailed understanding.

Furthermore, another benefit is its user-friendly and customizable interface. So you can organize all the character’s information as desired by creating categories and subcategories. Even adding visual elements, including photos, is also possible for better profile creation.

  • Capable enough to save your time and effort
  • Let you access all your character’s information in one place
  • Assist you in previewing the details before saving the profile
character profile sheet

Character Generator

Character Generator is a remarkable online tool that assists you in generating a unique and well-developed character for your next story. It is specially designed for crafting characters in a long film or novel series. Since it offers an intuitive interface, this tool is considered best for writers of all skill levels and genres.

Besides adding the fundamental traits of the character, you can use an extensive range of customizable options. Even Lastly, the processing is simple; you have to start from the primary personality features, delve into the personality by mentioning quirks, strengths, and weaknesses, and end with the details such as habits, likes, dislikes, etc.

  • Offer complex details, including freestyle biography
  • Let you fill your form with random ideas for a character
  • Provide output for various sections, i.e., one-liner, timeline, etc.
character stats and profiles wiki


If you want to generate engaging fictional character profiles for your next story or campaign, look no further than the Milanote character profile maker! With its user-friendly interface and intuitive processing, you can efficiently create your character’s motivations, relationships, and traits. The incredible feature of this tool is allowing you to insert visual elements, like videos, images, and links.

It’s for better character visualization, thus becoming memorable for the viewers. In addition, you can either work on your imaginary character or explore ideas provided by the tool. Even the collaboration feature is available to make team projects easier for everyone. This way, you can also gather feedback collectively.

  • Allow you to export the character profile as a PDF
  • Provide templates for writing fictitious characters
  • Help you organize every little detail efficiently
example character profile


If you are interested in bringing your game to life with compelling characters, Degenesis Character Generator must be your way to go. It aids you in crafting a unique, dynamic, and multi-dimensional character tailored to your playstyle & preferences for your gaming world. You can pick up the desired output mode from three options, i.e., Culture, Concept, and Cult.

You will be given a series of questions that guide you to develop the character profile, from its background and personality to its motivations and goals. Simply, this tool offers more than basic character creation. Finally, you can tweak your character by adding depth and complexity until it seems perfectly fine.

  • Help you generate fleshed-out characters quickly
  • Let you enable expert mode for efficient functioning
  • Provide multiple templates with its powerful algorithms
cartoon character profile pictures

Extra Tip: How to Make Detailed Profile Pictures Online

Do you want to create the best pictures for character profiles or AI chatbots? If yes, HitPaw Online Background Remover proves to be the ultimate solution. By removing the background of the picture and replacing it with a color or texture background, your picture seems really focused. However, you can make detailed profile pictures out of this using the diverse list of templates and backgrounds.

Even you can upload background pictures or add different elements like shapes, frames, social media icons, and more. Also, it allows you to adjust your picture by resizing and erasing objects per your demands. Last but not least, all the processing will be carried out without any quality loss.

  • Remove the background easily from your photos
  • Support almost all popular image formats
  • Work equally on Android, iOS, and browser
  • Create a detailed profile picture in only three steps
  • Offer the lossless processing of your photos for free
  • Let you switch between the original & processed image

Here are the detailed steps on how to make detailed profile pictures online via an efficient character profile generator:

  • 1.First of all, open the HitPaw Online Background Remover website on your browser. Now, press the “Remove Now” button to get on the main interface.

    Create Now!
  • 2.You have to click “Choose Images” to import the desired photos or pick up a sample image. Here is the option to select either a color or a texture from the side menu and tap “Download.”

    cartoon character profile pictures
  • 3.Otherwise, click “Edit” to proceed next. Go to the “Template” & then the “Profile Picture” section and tap the desired one. Once the processing is done, hit the “Download” tab from the top-right side of the screen. That’s all!

    character profile generator

Final Thoughts

After going through this guide, you must be aware of the 5 best methods for creating a character profile from a template. You can use a detailed character profile template to generate the best results. Though all the ways are good enough to carry out the task, you can use the one that best fits your needs.

In addition, HitPaw Online Background Remover is an excellent tool that lets you remove the background of your pictures to make them more detailed & focused for profile pictures. So why not try it once?

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