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How to Remove Dreamstime Photos Watermark Without Blur

The trend of downloading photos from the internet for your university project or other purposes has increased dramatically. The issue in this scenario is that you need to do more than download the photos from the internet and put the photos on your project randomly, as all the photos are copyright protected.

However, you can use royalty-free photos on your project courtesy of the Dreamstime website. Downloading the Dreamstime photos is quite simple, but you might need help with the watermark on the photos. This post is all about educating you to remove watermarks from Dreamstime images.

Part 1: What Is Dreamstime

There is a lot of talk going around about Dreamstime contributor. Is it nice to reveal all the credentials of Dreamstime and how it works?

Dreamstime is a stock photo agency serving its audience for 15 years. Since Dreamstime was one of the few websites that launched the concept of offering stock photos, it gained massive appreciation over the years. It is considered one of the top stock photo agencies, and you can find almost a million royalty-free stock photos at affordable rates.

Luckily, Dreamstime comes up with brilliant photo quality despite offering services at reasonable rates.

You can purchase the photos from Dreamstime by paying $0,88-$22.50, depending on the level, size, and credit pack used. Dreamstime offers you monthly and yearly subscription plans that will cost little in return for offering top-notch royalty-free images.

You can check out all the photo collections on this brilliant website by visiting www.dreamstime.com.

As we've mentioned in the introduction, the photos you download from the Dreamstime website might carry a watermark. Hence, we'll reveal the best tool to remove the watermark from Dreamstime photos.

dreamstime login

Part 2: How to Remove Dreamstime Watermark Online

Removing the watermark from the Dreamstime stock photos might be a daunting task as a tool you tend to use to remove the background watermark tinkers with the quality of photos.

Unfortunately, if the resolution of a photo has been lost, the photo won't serve your purpose, as it will eventually become useless. You can take the HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover services, ensuring that Dreamstime photos retain the original quality when removing the watermark.

Despite being an online tool that prevents you from installing software, HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover has some fantastic and professional features.

Key Features of HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover:

  • Allows you to remove the watermark from any photo
  • It supports multiple image formats.
  • It doesn't cause photo quality loss.
  • No installation required
  • It offers the effortless user interface
  • Supports multiple operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Mac, and PC
  • 100% safe connection
  • It tends to get updated regularly

    How to Remove Watermark from Dreamstime Images via HitPaw?

    • 1.Launch the web browser on your PC or Mac and navigate to the official website of HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover to begin the proceedings.

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    • 2.Next, click on the ''Remove Now'' icon to initiate removing the watermarked photo into the main interface of HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover.

      dreamstime models
    • 3.Click Choose Images to import the watermarked photo. And then you'll need to select the watermark you'd like to remove. Once the watermark is removed, you'll need to preview the changes. If you think that the watermark you tried to remove didn't get deleted appropriately, you can perform the previous steps again to remove the watermark.

      dreamstime downloader
    • 4.Tap on the Download icon to begin exporting the edited photo on your PC. The process will only take a few moments before removing the watermark from the photo.

      dreamstime images

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions About Dreamstime

Q1. Are Dreamstime images free?

A1. Many people tend to ask about the Dreamstime free images, and the good thing is that Dreamstime comes up with a free trial, which empowers you to grab high-resolution photos without paying even a penny. You can download the photos to test the quality of photos, but with the free downloaded photos, all those photos come up with annoying watermarks. Using the watermarked photos in mock-ups and comps might help your cause, but you can't consider uploading these photos to a final project. Hence, you might have to upgrade to a subscription plan to have the photos downloaded without a watermark. However, if you don't afford to acquire the premium package of Dreamstime, you can remove the watermark from photos courtesy of the HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover.

Q2. Can I use Dreamstime photos for commercial use?

A2. If you're willing to use the Dreamstime photos for your final project but are still determining whether you can use the Dreamstime photos for commercial use. Yes, using the Dreamstime photos for commercial use is entirely legal, provided you've acquired the commercial plan of Dreamstime. After purchasing the photos from the Dreamstime website, you can use these photos worldwide with only a few restrictions.

Q3. What images can I use without permission?

A3. Since, Dreamstime is a royalty-free stock images website, it doesn't require permission from anybody to allow you to use the photos for commercial or private purposes. However, if you intend to use the Dreamstime photos for commercial use, opting for the free version won't help as it comes up with a watermark on an image. Thus, getting the premium package of Dreamstime becomes vital. A commercial license allows you to download the Dreamstime images without any issue and then use the photos for personal or commercial purposes. Surprisingly, we've revealed the HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover that stimulates deleting the watermark from the free images.

Q4. How do I download from Dreamstime?

A4. Downloading the photos from Dreamstimes is simple, as you must visit www.dreamstime.com and choose the desired license. After selecting the photos, you want to download, click on the Download button. The page will direct you to the Buy page if you need downloads/credits available. Then, you can acquire a monthly/annual subscription or purchase a credit package. Free stock images of Dreamstime come with a watermark, but there is nothing to worry about, as HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover is there to help you remove the watermark from the photos.

Q5. Is Dreamstime safe?

A5. Visiting Dreamstime to download videos, images, and audio is entirely safe, and every  Dreamstime contributor who uploads photos to Dreamstime goes through a legal process. All the pages of Dreamstime are secured and won't make your device vulnerable to virus or hacker attacks. Moreover, you don't need to turn on the VPN to make it secure to download the photos from Dreamstime. You can download the desired photos from the Dreamstime website safely.


That's all we've had from this discussion, where we've revealed everything about Dreamstime and why you can download the photos watermark using the free trial version. Removing the watermark from Dreamstime photos becomes essential when using the photos for commercial purposes.

This post recommends HitPaw Online Image Watermark Remover that stimulates getting rid of the Dreamstime photos watermark without affecting the photo quality.

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