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[Comprehensive Guide] How to Change Background in Photo

HitPaw Online blog
Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-03-29

To change background in photo is perhaps the one thing everybody wants. Be it removing a faulty wall, removing photobombers, or just changing an ugly chaotic background to an aesthetic, beautiful one, fidgeting with backgrounds of images is something we all want. We have the best solution for your how to change background on picture problem. Here’s how you can make your photos flawless. In seconds!

Method 1: One Click to Remove and Change Background from a Photo Free Online

When it comes to remove and change image background, many software applications on the internet promise quick, easy, and fast removal. But who to trust? You can now use the HitPaw Online Background Remover and say goodbye to all your photo editing problems, and laggy tools.

HitPaw Background Remover is a wonderful online application that provides hassle-free solution to all photography background problems. Be it removing backgrounds, changing a color background , or reset your background picture, HitPaw is your perfect partner. Now change background of photo online in these four easy steps. how to change background in photo in hitpaw

Step 01 Go to HitPaw Online Background Remover to change the background of a picture.

Step 02 Upload the photo on the background changer.

Step 03 Click on remove background. Select a new background in Presets or upload your own background photo.

Step 04 Click on “Save” to download.

Easily change background of photo online in four fast steps using HitPaw. Customers have been trusting and using HitPaw over the thousands of other tools available online, and it’s no surprise!

With constantly updated features, HitPaw is compatible with all devices, having unlimited, free, and watermark-proof editing features. Once you start, there’s no going back!

Method 2: How to Change the Background of a Picture with Photoshop?

There is another way to change background picture on your own. Photoshop also gives a wonderful solution to our how to change background on photo problem. Follow these steps to edit your photos with Photoshop:

  1. Open Photoshop and upload your photo
  2. Hit W on the keyboard. Select the area you desire with the brush. Select the more detailed portions by zooming in and using smaller brushes

  3. change background in photo in photoshop
  4. In the options above, choose Select and Mask.

  5. how to change the background of a picture in photoshop
  6. Click “Decontaminate Colors” and then choose “New Layer with Layer Mask” in the output. Click OK , you have now removed background successfully.

  7. change background in photoshop
  8. You can now paste your background under the image’s layer.

  9. change background picture in photoshop
  10. Use the Hand tool to position the layer. If necessary, you can resize it with Free Transform tool.

  11. how to change background of photo in photoshop
  12. Now, fix the colors of the foreground if required to complete the editing procedure, and save!

  13. how to change background of photo in photoshop

You can also change background color of photo in this way. However, certain flaws surround this method of background removal. Firstly, Photoshop is pretty expensive and there’s no legal way to get it free forever. Moreover, without a guide or run-through, most newcomers often fail to make the most out of the tool.

Method 3: How to Change Photo Background on Mac with ‘Preview’?

If you own a Mac PC, you can change background of photo by using Preview.

  1. Click Markup button in the Preview toolbar
  2. On far-left, click “Secltion Tools”, in the drop-down menu, pick “Smart Lasso”
  3. Use this tool to trace the part of photo you want to extract. Finish extracting by connecting your start and end points.
  4. After you finished selection, click Edit > Copy to copy your copy your selection and paste it on your new background.
how to change background in photo in preview

You have successfully removed the background from your photo now. You can now also change image background using editors online. There is a deadly shortcoming of this application. It does not have all the functions of an editor. You will ultimately have to jump between applications to edit an image completely.

Method 4: How to Change Picture Background on Android and iPhone?

Editing photos is usually a quick and on-the-hand task. You may not always have a laptop or PC available to edit your pictures. Also, you may not always have background removers like Preview and Photoshop in your system.

In such cases, it is best to have software that works just as well on Android and iPhone and doesn’t create hassles in editing photos. So it’s better to find an online photo editor change background tool, like HitPaw. It can be used in browser on your handheld phone or tablet.

hitpaw is a good background changer


When confused over the popular question of how to change background on picture, fret no more! Go to HitPaw Online Background Remover, and leave the rest on the online background changer tool. It is free, easy, and quick. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scams, spammy ads, virus threats, or anything else. Say goodbye to heavy editing applications you’ve been downloading since forever and say hi to new technology, ease, and comfort!

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