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Advanced AI technology ensures the best online solution for upscaling low-resolution images, increasing their clarity and resolution up to 8X. Say goodbye to blurry images and effortlessly transform them into stunning high-quality visuals.

More Than Just An Image Upscaler

Our Image Upscaler goes above and beyond, bringing out the true potential of your images. Elevate your images to new heights and experience the difference.

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  • Make Image Clearer Than Ever

    Sharpen images, reduce noise and enhance images quality to improve the level of detail. HitPaw Online make it possible to effortlessly enhance images, revealing stunning clarity and sharpness. Discover the power to upscale images clearly.

  • AI Restore Old Photos While Enhancement

    With our AI old photo restoration technology, you can easily remove scratches from damaged old photos automatically to revive old memories. Besides, it will auto upscale your blurry old photo as well! It perfectly balances restoration and preservation of original aesthetic while upscaling old photos. Now, say goodbye to faded photos!

  • Colorize Black and White Photos Effortlessly

    Colorizing black and white photos can be a creative and enjoyable process as it cost no effort in HitPaw Online. Transform faded and black-and-white images into vibrant, colorful masterpieces with powerful AI technology, and bring back the old memories and breathe new life into your cherished photos.

  • Upscale Images Up to 8X Losslessly

    The traditional upscaling methods typically introduce some loss of quality or artifacts. However, HitPaw Online can upscale photos up to 8X without compromising sharpness or detail image upscaler online. Witness remarkable clarity as your images reach new heights of excellence.

How to Upscale An Image On HitPaw Online

  • 01

    Upload An Image

    Upload the image that you want to upscale for better effects.

  • 02

    Make Some Settings

    Choose the format, style, and then click apply button.

  • 03

    Preview & Download

    Preview the result and then download the upscaled image.


Upload An Image

Upload the image you want to upscale.


Make Some Settings

Choose the Format, Style and Magnification, and then click Apply button.


Preview & Download

Preview the result and then download the enhanced image.

FAQs About Upscaling Images Online

You can use HitPaw Online AI Image Upscaler , an online AI image upscale helper, which can greatly upscale your images online and upscale them up to 8X, all while preserving impeccable quality.

HitPaw Online Image Upscaler is one of the best image upscaler, a browser-based free photo resolution enhancer. This program offers a great AI photo enhancer right from their website. The tools built on the latest AI technology allow you to improve image resolution and upscale images quality.

You're in the right place! HitPaw Online can easily help you upscale photos online for free. Follow the steps:

  • Step 1. Open the HitPaw Online Image Upscaler on your browser and click Upscale Now button.
  • Step 2. Choose Free version first and then upload your image. Let HitPaw AI technology upscale photo for you automatically.
  • Step 3. Select a proper AI model and preview the result. Finally save on your device, then you have finished the ai image upscaling.

HitPaw Online Image Upscaler can easily process low-res images in JPG、JPEG、PNG、BMP、WebP、JFIF format. Almost all popular image formats are supported, so you don't need to worry about the problem of image format. In case you need to convert image format, you can try HitPaw Video Converter, an all-in-one tool to convert video, audio and image files.

Increasing the resolution of an image can be done through a process called image upscaling. With HitPaw Online Image Upscaler, you can choose to increase image resolution to 2X, 4X or 8X as you desired. More importantly, it always produces optimal results in terms of image quality and fine details.

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AI Upscale Photos Up to 8X Losslessly

Level up your images with our online AI upscaler. Unleash the power of AI to upscale your visuals, unveiling vibrant details and jaw-dropping clarity! Upscale now and experience the remarkable difference our AI Upscaler brings to your photos.

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